Friday Favorites #327 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #327

Friday, August 28, 2015

How incredible is this bedding set!?!?
 (via: Land of Nod)
Look at these glasses! Soooo awesome!
 (via: Modcloth)
I can't get over how pretty these necklaces are. You have to go view the close up photos!
 (via: Wild Air & Co)
Cat-tus pins! Those are basically my two favorite things!
Forever a sucker for a pretty notebook.
 (via: Moorea Seal)
 I'm not huge on oval plugs but I really really dig these ones. Opalite is just so darn pretty.
 (via: Mandie Kuo)
It's almost cozy sweater season!!!
 (via: Modcloth)
Okay, this is the best!
These might just be the most badass boots ever.
(via: Jessamity)

Link Love....
▴ I want one of everything from Toru & Naoko's shop. Such gorgeous lingerie!
▴Angie from SilverSpoon London always shares really awesome spots on her blog but I was browsing her instagram last week and ...just wow! Just look at this hotel!
▴ Love love love these alien nail decals.
▴ Oh? What's that? More washi tape that I want to cover all my outgoing mail in? Yep. I'm down to only a few rolls of solid tape so basically every time I come across some I'm like "well...I mean...I need it for packages..."
This is such a cute, simple watch. I feel like it'd look really nice with the boots pictured above.

Happy Friday!

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11 thoughts

  1. Such fun finds! I especially love the ear plugs, because opal is one of my favourite stones.

  2. Oh gosh, that cactus washi tape is so cute! As much as I love the warm weather, I can't wait to snuggle up in cosy sweaters too :)

  3. Land of Nod has SUCH adorable stuff. Also, have you seen this cactus power bank? I think I might need it:

    xox Sammi

  4. I serious can't get over that bedding, its perfect!

  5. That bed set is adorable. I love those boots, too!

  6. Boots. With. Pockets. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!? Seriously, we could take over the world with these puppies!

  7. Those shot glasses really are awesome! I love all your finds that have to do with anatomy.
    Rebecca |

  8. Incredible is the good word for this splendid bed! Waouhhhh! And so cute is this washi tape!

  9. Those glasses are amazing! I need 'em!

  10. Cant find those amazing boots on Jess Amity's etsy, even in the sold section. :( Do you know what company made them?


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