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project 365 // days 193 - 198

Saturday, July 18, 2015

193 : 365 Still so so so in love with my hair + this dress together. Also, this bag from Modcloth's Brit-Stitch collaboration is my new favorite thing. I have more than a few camera bags but literally no small purses so this bag is perfect to just throw my money, phone, gum, and some lip balm in when I don't want to lug around something huge. It gets major bonus points for matching my favorite nail polish.
 194 : 365 A goodbye purple hair selfie with the pup who can never not be included.
 195 : 365 I spent the morning at the beach playing around. I have a new found on the beach post coming soon! Can't wait to share.
 196 : 365 Orange! Possibly the most ridiculously bright hair I have ever had. It's only been a few days but faded perfectly so far. It's now this gorgeous array of yellows and oranges which was exactly what I was going for. The very first day I was feeling a little self conscious about it just because it was so bright but I'm crazy about it now.
197 : 365 I shot some photos for a new mini collection of pouches. Here's peek at the direction I took...
198 : 365 I made Jeff an awesome lunch and wanted to get a picture of him with it. He pulls out this book, grabs my reading glasses, and says "I want to look intellectual." Haha! I'm annoyed that even when he's being a butthead he looks so darn handsome.

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8 thoughts

  1. These are wonderful snaps!!! Your hair is just lovely, and the photo of the bottle caps on the beach is so pleasing to the eye. I found myself staring at it for a while, I love the colors and lighting. Stellar post!

    xo. holly erinn

  2. The new hair colour is gorgeous! It really suits you.
    Also that bag is really cute. :)

  3. That is some seriously amazing hair! It glows. :) It looks fantastic on you. Adorable dress, too.

  4. Do you follow other people's 365-projects? You inspired me to start my own this year :-) If you want to take a peep, here's the link: I write my blog in Finnish but the pictures speak a universal language, right? ;-D

  5. Orange hair! Nice :) Had orange dye on my hair once but in my case it turned into washed out blobs of colour after few days.
    Loving the sneak peak of beach finds and I think you should at least devote one post on Jeff eating different meals (bet that book was so hard to hold!).


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