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project 365 // days 179 - 184

Sunday, July 05, 2015

179 : 365  You guys, stationery addiction is reeeeeal
Notebooks from Modcloth, pen by Seltzer Goods.

 180 : 365 A sneak peek at the next collection of pouches! This beautiful thing and five other designs will be available this coming Tuesday at 8:30am EDT. I can't wait to share photos of the rest of them. 

 181 : 365 A few new little babies, some of which I grew myself! When I was at the greenhouse to buy these I actually saw a really cute little lizard running through the plants which might be totally normal in other states but I've never really seen one in Ohio. I was super pumped.

182 : 365 Future friends! Normally Squid will get up and leave if Klaus comes to lay so close - not this time! This is progress. These two will cuddle someday, I just know it! It might take ten more years but I've got hope.

Oh, what's that? More stationery? Yeah buddy! Tara from Dactyl Life designs stationery with paper scraps, illustrations, maps, doilies, etc. that she's collected over the years. This set is the bee's knees. I can't wait to use these.
 183 : 365 I got pretty little surprise from Eclectic Eccentricity in the mail. Thought it looked purrrfect with this dress.

184 : 365 Evening light is my favorite.

Hope y'all are having an weekend (and that if you're in the US that you get lots of opportunities to play with sparklers!)

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13 thoughts

  1. Those pouches look absolutely incredible! Your succulents look awesome, I can't seem to grow anything but succulents and even then....they don't look nearly as nice as yours! Gotta work on my green thumb :P

    1. Thanks, Jessica!

      You don't need a green thumb for succulents, just lots of sunlight!

  2. I love all of your nature photos, they're always so beautifully lit! And I hear you on the stationary obsession girl, those notebooks are the cutest. PS. That pouch is just adorable, I'm in love! x

    Sarah |

  3. That is seriously one of the coolest necklaces I've ever seen. And oh my gosh! All of the stationary!

    And haha, I know what you mean. I wish my two dogs would cuddle, but my younger one absolutely does not stay still. But cats and dogs melt my heart when they are friends :)

    Peace & Love //

    1. The issue with these two is that Klaus just has a totally different idea of what it means to play! :P

  4. Lovely pictures! That planet necklace is so cute. And I love the notebook in the first picture. :)

  5. Ooohh!! Love the journals! I have a bit of a notebook obsession myself. :)

  6. That necklace is so perfect! And what adorable little cacti!

  7. Little lizards running around everywhere is literally the only thing I miss about Tampa haha

  8. Ah! Thanks for the mention here! I love the little sneak peeks into your life with your project 365 photos.


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