project 365 // 199 - 205 - The Dainty Squid

project 365 // 199 - 205

Saturday, July 25, 2015

199 : 365 Love love love this pennant by Seltzer Goods (and any excuse to photograph my collection of tiny globes)
   200 : 365 Ice cream night with my pals, no excuse needed.
 201 : 365 For some reason spiders LOVE living on my deck. My plants are covered in webs.
 202 : 365 No one in the world is happier than Klaus sitting on someone's lap. Such a baby.
 203 : 365 Some cute dude and my first outing with my new camera.
 204 : 365 Forever amused by my peeking jackalope.
205 : 365 Freshly washed beach trash, which sounds funny I suppose but I wanted it to be as bright as possible for my little project that I have in the works.

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8 thoughts

  1. I recently found your blog... Like last week recent. I find it adorable and such a refreshing change. Just thought you should know. Lol 💛

  2. Such lovely photos! I loved the spiderwebs, and beach trash!! Your perspective when taking these is just fantastic. Great post!
    xo. holly erinn

  3. Yay, you got the camera! Happy snapping! :)

    1. Yeeeeah, I couldn't wait. Had to treat myself. :)

  4. Omigod, Klaus. Nothing sweeter than a big dog in someone's lap.


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