Friday Favorites #320 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #320

Friday, July 10, 2015

 (via: Modcloth)
This pillow is THE cutest.
 (via: Orwell and Goode)
Denture soap! Yesss!
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Pretty please?
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Probably way old news, but have you guys tried Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish yet? I avoided it for a while because I didn't want to have to buy the top coat as well as every color of polish that I wanted. I just like "Meh! I don't need a top coat that isn't Seche Vite!" But yooooo! This stuff is awesome. I only bought one color just to test it out, and I'm one thousand percent sold. I want every single color. Worth noting - the color I bought to try, Tidal Wave, is an electric blue (It's so much more vibrant in person!) I have been looking for an electric blue polish that wouldn't chip immediately for YEARS. I don't know how many brands I've tried, or if anyone else has had that same problem but this stuff is amazing!
(via: Sally Hansen)
I'm all about this fanny pack!
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 I'm pretty sure I've already featured this sleep mask in the past but it's just so good I have to share it again.
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Sharing my own pouches in my Friday Favorites because I'm darn proud of these pretty little things. All the XL pouches sold out right away but there are still a handful of each of the smaller ones left.
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The print on this scarf is gorgeous.
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Feeling this sweatshirt today since today feels like fall.

Link Love...
This clutch made by Jessamity, long time friend of TDS, is so beautiful!
The same folks who made that fanny pack up there also make this awesome dog sweatshirt!
▴ Speaking of dogs, dog is my copilot.
▴ I want to cover all my outgoing mail in this "hello" tape from Crumple + Toss.
▴ I'm not even a sushi person but all the food Angie shares on her blog kill me, this post especially. Look at that giant macaron!

Happy Friday!

Ps. Don't forget to browse my Everyday Favorites if you want to see more fun finds!

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12 thoughts

  1. Great finds! Those shoes are super cute. And I love those little pouches you make :)

  2. My boyfriend bought me that bat mask a few months back, and I use it ALL the time :) They have the cutest masks right?!
    I'm going to have to give that gel polish another try. I tried it once, and I don't know if I'm just a slow nail painter or what, but it seemed to dry super fast and clumped up on me before I could finish. Your review certainly makes me want to try it again. They seriously have the cutest colors.

    1. It's definitely thicker than regular nail polish and it took me a few nails before I got the feel for it but now it doesn't bother me, especially with the results it gives.

  3. Lovely picks! Those shoes are the cutest and I love that map mug. :)

  4. This sweatshirt is something I need in my life!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Probably not. The price would be pretty ridiculous because of how much fabric it would take. Sorry!

  6. I love the sally hansen miracle gel polish too! I think the top coat works pretty well on other nail polish too! It worked pretty well for me!

    1. I've only tried it once so far with other polish and it worked out perfectly! Suuuch an awesome top coat.

  7. Have you ever heard of or tried Jamberry Nails?
    There are so many gorgeous designs and they last up to 3 weeks with NO CHIPS!
    We even have a Nail Art Studio where you could take your own pictures and create your own wrap design! your photography would look absolutely amazing on some Jamberry Nails!

  8. I just tried Sally Hansen's gel polish last week and I'm really loving it. Day 4 and only minimal chipping at the tips on a few nails - it's a record! I got Rum Punch after seeing it on Karen/Makeup and Beauty Blog. I think it's part of their summer collection, and it's the loveliest bright pink. Hooray for pretty pouches! :)


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