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Swimsuits + Sales

Monday, June 29, 2015

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I've always thought that that time of the year when bathing suits go on clearance but there was definitely still time for hot weather left was weird, even a bit sad. We wait all year for summer (at least in the midwest), then it seems like we rush it away. I would lying if I said I wasn't excited about fall. It's currently 61 degrees here, I'm in a hoodie and leggings, drinking tea and loving it. I digress, this post isn't about that. It's about the massive sale Modcloth is having and how I'm basically drooling over everything. I think over the past few years I've made it very apparent how much I love Modcloth. They're a rad company, and from time to time they have really really rad sales - one of those is happening right now. SO many cute summer clothes marked way down.

I was browsing through everything and realized there were a whole lot of swimsuits on sale which means it's that weird time of the year but it also means you can get an awesome deal on a super cute suit that you'll actually be able to wear before tucking it away for the winter.

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The sale also includes tons of items that aren't swim related. My favorite thing to do when browsing websites is to put together outfits. I found these four items in the sale section and I'm in love! If that skirt wasn't already sold out in my size it would on it's way to me!

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Rainy days, which it looks like this one might end up being, and sales are a match made in heaven (or maybe the opposite if you go a little too crazy!) I'm starting to edit photos I took of the next batch of pouches (you can find a peek here!) Snagging something from the sale will be my treat when I finish this up! Guess I better get to work...

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6 thoughts

  1. These swim suits are so cute, I love the banana one!


    1. As a lover of all things banana - me too! I love that someone thought that was a good idea, it seems so random.

  2. It's sort of the same with winter boots, I never think about needing new ones until it's still winter and almost too late for shoes

    1. RIGHT?! That was me last winter with a coat! I didn't think about getting a really warm one until swim suits were showing up in the store.

  3. These suits are adorable but I feel like the all would result in horrible tan lines.

    1. Aren't all tan lines horrible when it comes right down to it?


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