Project 365 // days 169 - 178 - The Dainty Squid

Project 365 // days 169 - 178

Sunday, June 28, 2015

169 : 365 New lapel pin from Applesauce Industries.

 170 : 365 I got this snazzy new phone case from Moorea Seal, went to take photos of it and Klaus was like "hi, um, you can't take pictures without me." He's such a lap dog! Basically if you're sitting with your lap exposed he's trying his hardest to crawl onto it.

Also, I don't know if it's just me but sometimes getting a new case for my phone is almost as exciting as getting a new phone.

171 : 365 Riding in not so great areas the cops always wanna chit chat. "Where ya heading?", "How far you going?" and "What happens if you get a flat?" are all thing we heard on this day. We turn left, the cop goes straight and almost instantly Jake says "I just got a flat!" They jinxed us! We had to walk back downtown but it was actually a really nice walk and those flowers I rested my bike in smelled AMAZING so it wasn't all bad, just a really strange coincidence. 

 172 : 365 Tiny mushroom and an even tinier toad.

 173 : 365 I moved a bunch of my indoor plants on to my deck to relieve some crowding. Clearly they appreciate the extra light and water because nearly everything has doubled in size and I was even rewarded with some flowers.

 174 : 365 Everyone in this apartment appreciates the evening light.

 175 : 365 Sneak peek at one of the patterns for the next round of pouches. 
Coming the week of the 6th!

 176 : 365 I had been talking about finding some way to display my lapel pins because 1. they're awesome and 2. they're hard to find when they're all laying in a dish. A few days later I found this in the bargain section at Target. Three dollars later and all my lapel pins are organized!

 177 : 365 I only have a cell phone photo from this day, but it was a darn good day. My mom and my brother came up to Cleveland for Critical Mass! It was his birthday so we got pre ride ice cream and post ride pizza. We rode just under 20 miles total. So proud of my mom!!

178 : 365 At Critical Mass one of my instagram followers, whose wife is a dental hygienist, gave me all these! They definitely weighed me down on the ride but, dude, look how awesome!

I'm so glad to finally be caught up on Project 365 posts. Just missing that one week's post, although it didn't actually make that big of a difference, made it feel like I had a ton to catch up on.
Well, I'm back to sewing. I can't wait to share more about this next round of pouches. They are gorgeous!

Hope you're having a most excellent Sunday!

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8 thoughts

  1. Shoulda brought a pump on your bike ride...

    1. A pump doesn't fix a hole. Thanks for the insight though.

  2. It's a cool project, I feel I want to try something like it.


  3. Not going to lie I can not remember the last time I saw nature and explored. I love your posts like this, they are like a breath of fresh air and make me want to get off my computer and go explore the world outside.

    1. Aw, thank you!

      I hope you do that!! Get out there. :)

  4. I love when dogs fold their paws together. It's SOOOO cute!


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