project 365 // days 142 - 149 - The Dainty Squid

project 365 // days 142 - 149

Saturday, May 30, 2015

142 : 365 Grandpa chic in my new shoes, fancy socks, and favorite jeans.

Fifteen miles with Jeff, Jason, and Irissa. Sunset over the lake, and chai bubble tea from Koko Bakery. I am looking forward to more warm nights like this one.
143 : 365 Sun babies!
144 : 365 The cutest little lapel pin from i like cats.
145 : 365 I spent Memorial Day exploring with my friends. It was so much fun to have everyone together for once! I have so many photos to share these next few weeks.
146 : 365  I received a super duper amazing package from Sarah. Scratch and sniff banana stickers, a spicy(!?) KitKat, treats for Klaus (which the cats stole + devoured) and so much more.
147 : 365 Jesi came up to Cleveland to visit. We explored, we went to a greenhouse, and we ate macarons. It was an excellent day! Forever wishing she lived just a bit closer.

 148 : 365 Prepared a second round of leaves to propagate! Hopefully these are just as successful as my other ones.
149 : 365 A super fun little package of goodies from Eleventh Avenue.

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6 thoughts

  1. aw, I love surprise packages filled with the most random (but awesome) type of stuff!

  2. Those cats just will not let Klaus have his own treats! :) Next time I send something your way, I'll make sure to put something in there for them too... hopefully they'll be distracted. Um, and WHAT?! Spicy kitkats?!?! Where?!

    I wish YOU lived closer so that I could find out where to get the best macarons around here. I am not a fan, but my friend is and I need to get some for her bridal shower coming up....

    1. Right!? They're insane! Total treat monsters.

      The spicy kitkat was so crazy. It tasted totally normal and then all of a sudden was hot! I want to try more weird foods like that.

      Hah, so you need a macaron tester? A job I would gladly take on!

  3. I love that cat pin! It's so cute! It's always so much fun getting together with friends! Those are the best pictures!


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