project 365 // days 129 - 134 - The Dainty Squid

project 365 // days 129 - 134

Saturday, May 16, 2015

129 : 365 One last picture of this weirdo! This silly cat has so much personality, it's ridiculous. I wish you all could meet him.
Ps. Don't forget to enter the Purina cat's true nature giveaway.
 130 : 365 Bought myself some "hey, you're a pretty great pet mom" plants.
131 : 365 A friendly neighbor. Since I live on the second floor my deck is right at tree branch level. It's really awesome because birds, and squirrels are right beside me. I think I mentioned it in a post a while back but my neighbor is a crazy bird lady, there is always food out there for the animals so there is an absolute abundance of critters. It's wonderful!!!
132 : 365 I took a bunch of photos of my office for a blog post, except I apparently forgot how to take decent pictures and I hated them all except this one. Truth be told, it was a dreary day and I thought I could make the bad lighting work - but I couldn't. So, I have to reshoot that but I am excited to finally share how cute this room is!
133 : 365 Both cats are obsessed with this bed from kivikis. I can't decide whether I think it's cuter when they're tucked all the way inside or when they lay with their heads sticking out like this.
Laying out some recently pressed plants to figure out some layouts for photos and of course, catching up on RuPaul's Drag Race.  
 You guys watch RPDR? Even thought it was a few episodes ago, I am still very very sour Max went home. I was almost positive he was going to win the season. Who are you rooting for?
134 : 365 Jeff in front of some steel wool. Just a typical summer Friday night.

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8 thoughts

  1. I don't just watch RPDR, I'm completely obsessed about it :-D Draq queens are a hoot! I don't really have a superduper fav this season like i did the previous one (Bianca<3) but I guess I'm rooting for Pearl eventhough I don't think she'll win :S

    1. Haha! I know, I'm really sad this reason is coming to an end. I need more shows with drag queens.

      Same (well now that Max is gone) I'm rooting for Ginger. She's really likeable. But honestly, I don't care who wins, I'm not super attached to anyone.

  2. Ahh that makes me so happy you are also a RPDR fan!!! I've wanted Ginger to win from the beginning, and Katya was probably my second choice

    1. Yeah, Ginger is pretty great. She didn't grab my attention at first but she's really been shinning through these last few episodes.

  3. I'm really bummed over Katya leaving. I feel like she's been the narrator for this season (and Ginger of course). What will they do without her quick tongued jokes!?

  4. Oh my goodness, your kitty! So cute!

    Christine |

  5. 100% Pearl all the way to win this season! I love Ginger, but she's gettin' a bit shady for my tastes. Pearl is just stunning, in drag and out.


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