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project 365 // 116 - 121

Saturday, May 02, 2015

116 : 365 A little kitty skull found on the side of the tracks.
 117 : 365 Inkdot surprised me with some prints from my instagram. Hilariously, they're all of my bike. It's like they think I like my bike or something. Heh!
 118 : 365 Well, speaking of... here's that pretty thing on my daily ride. I really like this wall. I enjoy the fact that by covering up graffiti they made the wall more colorful. I'll never really understand why they always buff graffiti in a color that doesn't match the building but I do like how it usually ends up looking.
119 : 365 Packing orders! I sold the great majority of pouches on the day they were released, only ten remained when I went to bed that night. Wahoooo! Thank you guys SO much! There are still a few left, grab one here.
120 : 365 Puppy + a plant, a Project 365 necessity.
 121 : 365 Spent a portion of my Friday driving to find a cemetery that looked interesting online...only for it to be really boring. I spent less than ten minutes there total. I did manage to find a skunk skull though so I guess that makes up for it.

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4 thoughts

  1. How do you identify what kind of skull you've found (if there aren't still squishy bits attached)?

    1. There are a few different skulls, like a cats, that I can identify just by looking at. Most others I use process of elimination based on different features it may or may not have.

  2. Beautiful puppy, and beautiful succulent! I've been trying to find some around here but with no success thus far.


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