Friday Favorites #312 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #312

Friday, May 15, 2015

Berkley Illustration was one of the first people I ever found on etsy. I'm still a huge fan. I mean, would you look at that sea lion?!
Love the idea of these tiny cards of encouragement. Perfect to sneak into someone purse or backpack for them to find later. 
 (via: Emily McDowell)
Love this little hand painted moon (and the photo!)
 (via: Hipporacle)
I can never resist adding a beautiful backpack to my Friday Favorites!
 (via: Valentich)
I don't really drink so I have no use for a bar cart, but that is one gorgeous piece of furniture. It'd look pretty awesome with plants on it. 
 Such cute magnets!
(via: Modcloth)
Omerica Organic will forever be my favorite. Seriously, have you guys seen the stuff they're putting out recently?! Pizza plugs!!
 As always you can use rep code "daintysq" for 20% off your first order. 
(via: Omerica Organic)
This Missy Elliott inspired tank is awesome.  
Pssst. thats one of my favorite songs to drive to.  Here's the video if you need a dose of Missy today.
(via: Culture Flock Clothing)
I am all about this bedding set
(via: Modcloth)
Link love...
Space bar, heh, get it?

▴ 1,000 foot water slide in the middle of the city?! Aw, yessss! Slide the City is coming to Cleveland this summer and I am so very excited! It's kind of expensive but regardless if I decided to actually buy a pass to slide or not, I will be there to at least check it out and shoot a few photos! They're hitting a bunch of cities, check here to see if yours is one of them.
▴ Super into this watch just for the fact it would match my favorite coat nicely.
Black and white rugs are definitely my thing, but holy smokes, all the color rugs in this etsy shop are killing me. They're beautiful!!
▴ Such a simple, yet beautiful necklace!

Hope you have an awesome Friday!

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10 thoughts

  1. I think some of your links are broken. :(

    1. I just went through and double checked everything and it all seems to be working?
      Which one isn't working for you?

  2. OMG The Missy Elliot shirt YAASSSSS

  3. Ditto on the Missy Elliot shirt!!!!! And the lumberjack chipmunk is too cute!! Im DYING to purchase an item on your store envy agh!!! Cant wait!

  4. I saw that bedding set on modcloth the other day, and immediately thought, "this'll be on Kaylah's friday faves this week."
    That bar cart would be amazing for plants!!!

  5. Oh what a fabulous list! I completely agree about Berkley Illustrations...I follow them on Facebook and love always seeing the art, and that bedding set...oh my!! I may have to drop some not so subtle hints of what I want for my birthday!!!

  6. That cat and the sea lion. OMG my heart!

  7. there are some Berkley Illustrations temporary tattoos on Tattly! (:

  8. All of this is so perfect. I am drooling over the camera magnets and that bedding set. Oh my.


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