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Friday Favorites # 311

Friday, May 08, 2015

Really into this u-lock holster. I've recently taken to wearing my lock on my belt instead of carrying it in my bag and I don't really love it. Something like this would be perfect, plus it would be a way for me to carry anything I need without having to lug around a backpack.
I always love the idea of raincoats but never actually like them on me...but just look how pretty this one is. 
(via: Napkin)
(via: Dubo Dumo)
All about this snazzy pineapple by Aww, Sam. 
Sam is probably one of my favorite people on the whole internet to follow. I actually get to hang out with her this summer, and I'm already fan-girling. Just look at her instagram, she's so cooool!
(via: Aww, Sam)
 Obsessed with the idea of this succulent treasure box inspired by boxes of candy. Now that is a gift I would LOVE to get.
Of course I love this shirt
(via: Modcloth)
I am anything but a night owl but I do love this ribbon.
 $50 is definitely a bit steep for pillow cases but the print on these ones is just too good.
I just realized I don't own a single cactus necklace. Guess I better get on that...
(via: Bly Design)
 Hannah Rosengren desgined this awesome patch for the Portland Patch Project. Isn't it awesome!?
(via:  Hannah Rosengren)

Link love...
Angie's travel photos kill me. This girl seriously goes to the craziest places. Would you look at that cliff side table? What a place to eat breakfast. I love Ohio, but I have got to get out of here more often.
▴ One of my favorite blogs, The Cat, You & Us is hosting a giveaway for a Don Fisher bag for their two year anniversary. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this since it lowers my chance of winning...
▴ I dig the colors in Meescha Dare's work, especially the pink flowers piece.
▴ Okay, this bundt cake with a hidden, baked in bigfoot is the coolest.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Ps. Don't forget to browse my Everyday Favorites if you want to see more fun finds!

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11 thoughts

  1. Thanks to you to make me discover the blog "The Cat, You & Us". I like it!
    The owl and the patch of the truck behind mountains make me thinks "Twin Peaks"!

  2. Hurray it's Friday! That succulent box is amazing. Who needs chocolates when you can have plants!? (Jk I still need chocolate but damn those are cool!)

    1. I would gladly accept succulents instead of chocolate ANY DAY.

  3. My recent bike happiness has come from adding a basket onto the rear of my bike -- now I just throw my locks in there, and I don't have to carry them on my back anymore!

    1. After last month's unfortunate attack I'm trying to find a way to have my lock within reach.

    2. Ugh, yes, that is a very good point. :(

  4. I looooove this succulent treasure box ♡ they look like precious little gemstones. Nature is just beautiful!

    Liebst, Eve

  5. Having a hip pouch to hold your lock, small bike tools, and other small daily needs is so nice. The random tube changes, or bike adjustments make it worth it.

  6. Loooooove the succulents in a box! How amazing!

  7. Aww thanks Kaylah! <3 I love the succulents in a box, I've just bought a shelf for the living room where I'm planning to display succulents so this could be perfect :) Oh Sam is such a cool gal!


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