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Cats True Nature Giveaway : Closed

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's a pretty cat filled week here on The Dainty Squid! Today I'm partnering up with the folks over at Purina! They've just come out with a new line of food, Pro Plan True Nature, to feed cat's natural instincts. I'm always looking for something better to feed Squid and Professor so I'm pretty excited to be using something created to help fuel their razor-sharp reflexes, remarkable agility and focus. I want them to be as healthy as possible!

Purina provided my little rascals with coupons to try out the Pro Plan True Nature line. I chose the Turkey and Rice formula. Turkey is the number one ingredient. It's made with 45% protein to help promote total body health. It's formulated without any corn or wheat. Vitamin A and taurine help support healthy vision and there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. So far they're loving it!

When Purina reached out to me about this campaign I was immediately like "Yes! This will be so fun!" Squid is pretty laid back, she can get wild sometimes but for the most part she's all about relaxing in the sun. Professor, on the other hand, is an absolute nut. He is constantly darting back and forth across the apartment. I knew I'd have no problem getting the shots they wanted - leaping, sprinting, and stalking. WRONG. This cat was not having it. Maybe it was the heat, or maybe he's just a diva and I wasn't paying him a large enough salary of treats. He had two looks he was all about on the day I was shooting - jumping, and standing like meerkat. (...or bear, or prairie dog, or whatever) He's lucky he's so darn cute. They also partnered up with filmmaker Darren Dyk who made this super awesome video of cats in slow motion, it's pretty incredible and kind of puts my photos to shame. 

Now onto the really fun part! A giveaway!

What? One lucky winner will win a samples of the new Pro Plan line as well as a GoPro so you can capture your own cat's true nature.

When? You have until Thursday, May 21st to enter.

How to enter - Post a photo of your cat showing it's true nature on any one of your social media accounts! Sprinting, leaping, catching something, or just generally being a lazy sun loaf, like Squid. Use hashtag #catstruenature. Then come back and leave a link to your entry in the comments below.

Please make sure there is a way to contact you if you win.

Good luck!

Update - a winner has been chosen! It's Amy, who shared this photo! Congrats!

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31 thoughts

  1. I hope they do one for pups next, I've got some good snaps of Steve showing his true nature XD

  2. Her true nature, opening the towel drawer, digging a whole in there, and cuddling up her little butt on the fresh towels >.>

  3. Hey Kaylah! I don't have a cat of my own, but I like to volunteer at a local shelter to photograph and play with the cats there. Hopefully that counts. Here's a photo I took of one of the cats showing her true nature by playing with toys: (P.S. there are other cat pics on my Instagram if you're interested. ;) )

    I hope to get a cat of my own soon, once I get a bigger apartment. Should be before the end of the year, if not in the next couple of months!


    I've actually been feeding Patti Smith this brand for about 6 months and she LOVES it!!! I'll take the freebees anyway! Holler at me if I win @ longleggsmith at

  5. Oh, lovely giveaway!

    The true nature of my cat is to post her selfies everywhere... And make fun of humans ;)


    Lilith enjoying a lazy, stormy day.


    These photos of your babies are THE cutest!!! That last one kills me :)

  8. Hagrid would love to win! He was sitting near this owl when we noticed the resemblance!

    Paddles's true nature: being a whiny little kid and mewing at the light and shadows on the ceiling(: (by the way, my email is if happen to need it)

  10. He is my social share link:

    nicole.ddziedzic at gmail dot com

  11. This is such a nice little giveaway! It looks like Professor is having a lovely time playing.

  12. We've had to do a fair bit of driving with our cat over the past several months, taking her to a specialist vet for treatment (don't ask how many km we've put on the car). She meows the ENTIRE car ride. But we love her anyway.

  13. Couldn't pick one so you get two pics:
    Our cat Bernoulli in his favourite hangout spot:
    Our cat Kitty, being ever alert:
    peterLkostka @gmail

  14. I posted a picture of my cat doing his Grumpy Cat Imitation. He has it perfected!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  15. Yay Kaylah! Thank you so much for the giveaway ! Your cats are so cute and endearing (Klaus too!).

    You have already seen Spookie on Twitter yesterday, thanks for your comment!
    I wrote a first comment but I forgot to post it before closing the page, what a clumsy.

    At my house, I like using natural products and I often order on an Etsy shop : the company House Of Cat, based in Toronto, offers some biological catmint, products for the litter, home-made food... I invite you to take a look.

    Thank you for your great work and to make us discover so attractive things everyday (I'm one fan of friday favorite also, haha, )

    Kisses & hugs for all of you ! (='.'=) Miaw.

  16. Sorry if this is a repeat. I thought I hit publish, but then everything went wonky... Anyways, is there a limit to the number of times you can enter? I have three cats. ;)

    Here's my link:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I love seeing pictures of everyone's cute cats.


    Sammich loves his s party hats I make him each year for his birthday. Or not. As usual, he just bears it with a look of mild disdain. (Sorry if that's a double post, it kinda acted up on me). Ninjallama (at) gmail

  18. Hey Kaylah ! This is such a great give away ! I thought I posted it but I can't see it in the comments so... I'm posting it again ! I'd love to show you my cat's true nature : Meditation ! She is quite an energetic little soul, but sometimes she seems to stop and think about all the things she survived (she's my little fat blind cat !)... And then she goes crazy again ;)

  19. Leonard is a lazy lump who sleeps in odd positions in random places.

  20. I love these pictures! Squid's hunting ears are cracking me up!

  21. Your cat is the cutest! Although my kitty is a cute one too! Mindy likes to show her festive side. très chic!

  22. My cat, Chester enjoying his catnip toy. Too cute!

  23. I forgot to leave my email address.

  24. Here is Hisis, purring deep in the sunlight :3 !

  25. Here's Bagira showing her true nature:

  26. Hello thar!

    I don't think my original comment went through, so I'm going to try again. :)

    That's my Shiva Diva believing she can be anything. Even food.

  27. sweet opportunity! Kitty loves his outside time!

  28. this giveaway is awesome! i love my kitty and all of the silly things he does:

  29. Nice opportunity! This cool Kitty enjoys his time outside


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