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project 365 // 101 - 108

Sunday, April 19, 2015

101 : 365 Early morning exploring.
 102 : 365 I've fallen in love with pedestrian bridges. It's actually super relaxing to sit up there and watch the traffic speed by below.
 103 : 365 Finally shot photos of my living room for a blog post! I'm just crazy about this room.
 104 : 365 Freshly cleaned muskrat skull. This was literally the only photo I took this day, and the closest I've come to forgetting to grab one. As it was starting to get dark in my office (I never have lights on until the sun goes down) I realized "crap! I forgot my 365 photo!!" I'm blaming it on the funk I was in this week.
 105 : 365 Daily dishonesty...
106 : 365 Gloomy days on the beach.
 107 : 356 Puppy kisses - equal parts adorable and disgusting.
 108 : 365 A little while back I randomly stumbled upon this piece and twice now I have failed at taking a good picture of my bike in front of it. The first time I didn't have a wide enough lens, and this time I didn't realize I was in manual focus. Whoops. I'll get it some day!

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10 thoughts

  1. that second photo is absolutely breathtaking!
    so amazing! you have a great talent <3

  2. your living rooooom, gah. i think i just fell in love with it.

    xo, allie

  3. beautiful photos!! i love the one with you & your puppy!!! so darling!! xoox

  4. I love your photos! Your living room looks amazing! :)

  5. love your blog<3 makes me want to do something with mine lol i love it

  6. I might actually copy this idea next year:)


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