Friday Favorites #307 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #307

Friday, April 10, 2015

 Loving that rug!
 This mug is perfection!
(via: Plasticland)
How adorable is this shark cat bed? (and that cat!?)
 (via: The Cat Ball)
Yeah, this might be the perfect doormat for me... 
Allll about this hanging planter unit. It would be perfect on my deck, up against the house.
Cactus postcards? Yes, please!
(via: Moorea Seal)
  (via: Urban Outfitters)
This notepad is too pretty, almost too pretty to scribble notes on!
Ohhh! Look at these boots!
(via: jessamity)
 Of course I want this lapel pin

Solid advice from Sad Ghost Club.

Link love...
▴ Want a good cry? Here, read what happened when the woman who fed stray dogs her whole life passed.
▴ This vine of, Charlie, a tiny kitten's bedtime routine is literally too cute.
▴ If you've been reading for a while you might remember Lloyd, the stray cat that I cared for and eventually found a forever home for. It absolutely blows my mind what an impact he's had on people. Jennifer made this scrapbook page of him, and I might have cried a little.

Happy Friday!

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7 thoughts

  1. That shark cat bed!!!! Ahhh!!! :)

  2. That post about Lloyd makes me so happy! :') I've made a bit of a habit of rescuing and re-homing stray cats (they are a huge problem around the beaches down here, it's heartbreaking) and seeing happy cats in their forever home always warms my heart.

  3. I squeaked when I saw that rug! Need it in my life! xx

  4. These are so pretty !!!! I love the rug and the hanging planter unit :)
    Thanks for the inspo,

  5. THOSE PONY'S AND THEIR CARDIGANS. Amazing things... x kayleigh // mylittlejeans

  6. Woah. Great minds think alike, because I totally just posted that shark cat bed in my fun finds yesterday, haha! That, or our etsy recommendations must be on the same page...

  7. I have those exact (well almost) boots! I got them a few years ago in a discount store. The pink and orange parts are swapped, and the colors are lighter and more neon on mine. But they're the exact same thing! Definitely not vintage, though. So probably knock offs of whatever those vintage ones were. How funny!


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