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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Over the last few days I've taken the time to update a lot of pages on the blog. Nearly all the pages along the top navigation bar have had a facelift. Since it's apparently not all that often that I get around to doing a complete overhaul on them I thought a little recap of what to look for would be helpful.
 /// Little Things
About Me : New photos + updated "about me". My favorite part is the main photo, a scan of a handful of photobooth pictures.
FAQ : New questions added, including the most popular questions I get about abandoned buildings.
Equipment : The only one that didn't get an update. Guess I'm waiting to just rework the whole post. I will add right here though that main thing different is my love for this lens. I've owned it for just under a year now and it's seriously the coolest. Not really sure how I went for so long without it.
Favorite Posts : New posts added to the list!
Contact Me : There's a new cute picture of Klaus? Haha, not really much to be updated on that front.
Shop : Still the same link as before but with some new photos I'm really excited about.
Blog Buttons : A brand new section with buttons so you can link to The Dainty Squid if you so please.  If you need another size just shoot me over an email.

/// Even Bigger
▴ I added a handful of new tags to the blog, and deleted some that weren't being used. New tags include bikes, cemeteries, Cleveland, and travel. These are all subjects that get a lot of attention here on The Dainty Squid but for some reason were lacking a tag. This should make browsing a lot easier. Actually, if you have any other suggestions for tags, things I blog about often, then let me know!

/// Best of all
 I updated the advertising page big time. Here's a quick overview of the new things happening there...
 ▴ The XL and large ad space options both now include inclusion in at least one Friday Favorites post. It's something I've been going back and forth about for a while now. A lot of blogs include some sort of sponsored feature with the purchase of ad space but that just doesn't really fit The Dainty Squid's content. I still really wanted a way to highlight my sponsors though. Inclusion in a Friday Favorites post is perfect and I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner! I understand that it may sound like the integrity of my Friday Favorite posts will be compromised but the way I see it is since I have to approve all sponsors before ads go live anyway. Knowing that I'll be featuring them in my Friday Favorites just ensures that those advertising are a good fit for my audience. Friday Favorites always have been, and always will be products and links I'm super pumped about.
 ▴ Small ad space now runs for 35 days instead of 30 like other ads. That's less than a dollar per day!
▴ The three month advertising discount? WAY BIGGER!
▴  I've opened up the option for other ways to partner! Something else in mind other than ad space? Interested in having your products featured on my instagram? Thinking a sponsored post best fits your need? I'm interested in discussing whatever you may be thinking. Just shoot me an email
So, that's whats new around here...along with a handful of other things I've probably forgotten! Haha!

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5 thoughts

  1. Everything looks great! I love all of the photos on your "about me" page. :)

  2. I'm glad that you aren't posting tips on exploring abandoned buildings. My job involves inspecting, sampling and analyzing old building materials for asbestos, so the thought of the general public blissfully traipsing through piles of asbestos-containing debris is a bit disturbing. Exploring old buildings is fun and I'm not against it as long as people educate themselves about the potential hazards first.

  3. None of the links work for me :-(

    1. That's really strange. I just went back through and everything seems to be working for me.


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