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7 tips for maintaining bright hair color

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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For six years straight I've been dying my hair unnatural colors. During this time I've written numerous hair related posts including how to bleach your hair, two tips for switching colors, and my must have hair products. Today I'll be sharing how to maintain your color, which isn't that hard but seems to be a mystery to a lot of people. All of the hair dyes you would use to dye your hair a funky color are semi-permanent and fade no matter what. In outfit posts you can see my hair color is never the same more than once, even daily my hair color changes due to rinsing. Fading is inevitable but here are seven easy tips to help make your color last.

1 // Good color starts with healthy hair. While bleaching your hair isn't the best way to start, it is necessary to do in order to achieve a bright color.  Unhealthy, damaged hair will not hold color well. You may make it from black hair to pink in a week by bleaching your hair twice a day but that pink won't hold because your hair is in rough shape. Be patient with your journey from dark hair to colored hair. Make sure to nurture your hair. Hair masks and repair products are your best friends! (I shared a few of my favorites here!)

tips for dyeing hair

2 // After healthy hair, the next most important thing is a high quality hair dye. I highly recommend Punky Colours and Special Effects. I'm sure there are other great dyes, but those are the two I always turn to despite trying many others. Since those brands do NOT damage your hair, it's totally fine, and really highly recommended that you leave it in for much longer than the recommended time. The packaging usually says something "let sit for 20 minutes before rinsing." If you leave your hair dye in for 20 minutes that color is not going to last very long at all. I normally try to leave my hair color in for a minimum of three hours. The longer, the better! Since I always mix my dyes with equal parts conditioner my hair is also being nourished while I wait on the dye to set.

3// Rinse with cool water. This is actually my best tip. If you skip all other tips (please don't, especially healthy hair!) this is the one to follow. Warm water opens the hair cuticle allowing color to escape. I'm not saying you need to wash your hair with ice cold water, but in reality, the colder the better. I wash and rinse my hair in as cold of water as I can stand, toss it up in a towel then crank that water up for the rest of my shower.

Cold water also helps reduce bleeding if you have more than one color, otherwise your hair color will just turn into a mess similar to when you mix different colors of paint together.

While we're on the subject of water, it should be noted that swimming in chlorinated water is awful for your hair color. (But hey, if you want to fade your hair, go for it!) For good measures, just keep your hair dry as much as possible!

4 // Avoid shampoos with sulfates and styling products with alcohol. Sulfates and alcohol based products are two huuuge things that will fade any hair color. Sulfate free shampoos can be kind of tricky to find sometimes, but they're definitely worth switching to. I recommend Sparks Color Care Sulfate-Free Shampoo + Conditioner.

Even with sulfate free shampoo, you should still try to cut back on shampoo use. Shampoo strips your hair of it's natural oils, as well as the color. If you're lucky enough to not have super greasy hair (like me!) skip washing every other day and use a dry shampoo on your off days. My dry shampoo of choice is Aveda Shampure. (also on Amazon) It's a little bit more expensive than others I've found and tried but easily the best!

When I shampoo I try to only apply it to the roots, where my hair is most likely to become greasy, and only avoid the ends of my hair since that's what normally fades most quickly anyway.

hair dye tips

5 // Mix some color into your conditioner. If you add hair dye to your conditioner you'll be depositing a little bit of color every time you condition. This only applies if you hair is a solid color, or a mix of the same colors in different shades obviously. This is also a great idea because you're able to leave conditioner in your hair for longer without running the risk of fading it.

6 // Avoid heat styling. If you must heat style (hey, I feel ya!), use a protectant! This is my personal favorite, I've been using it for a while now.

7 // Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Just like your skin, the sun isn't necessarily good for your hair color. Try wearing a hat if you'll be spending a long time in the sun. There are also UV protection sprays for your hair. I have been using Sparks Color Care Protecting Spray for a few months now. Highly recommended!

All of the above should help you maintain your hair color. If you have any hair questions or are looking for more tips, check out my hair masterpost

what i wore

what I wore : fall flowers

Monday, September 29, 2014

dress - c/o Emily G Clothing
sweater - from a store that no longer exists. Sorry!
necklace - Modcloth
camera bag- Siena via Jo Totes

If you couldn't tell by the regularity of outfit posts the last few weeks which haven't been all that steady since I moved to Cleveland, I've found a new favorite area to shoot photos. That was a really, really huge reason I stopped taking them. I like having a dependable area to go to since I'm not a hug fan of shooting them indoors and I'm still kind of shy about shooting in front of people. As I was driving to my new spot I caught a glimpse of this field of flowers and decided I had to shoot there! I didn't realize there would be so many bugs in that field. I set up my tripod, dashed into the field and watched as a fog of tiny bugs flew out around me. Blerg. It was so gross. By the time I was done my knee high socks were covered in spiderwebs filled with dead bugs.

Bugs aside, I am such a sucker for fields of flowers. Goldenrod is so pretty especially when covering such a large area. This is the most beautiful time of the year.

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September in review

Sunday, September 28, 2014

 Hard to believe September is almost over already. This year is flying by.

A few of my favorite posts from September...

new (to me) movies + tv shows I watched this month:
About a Boy.
Taboo : Seasons 9. For a few seasons I thought Taboo had gotten boring but season 9 rocked! I think I might have watched it all in two days.
30 Rock. Welp, I watched all six seasons this month.
Jug Face. ...that was a stinker of an ending!
Small Apartments. Certainly a strange movie, but an interesting one nonetheless.

songs on repeat:
• Poor People Like To Dance Too - Transit
• Riptide - Vance Joy
• Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
• Sanddollars - Why?
PS. If you want to see what else I'm listening to, you can find me on last fm here!  

exciting happenings online and off: 
Saw Astronautalis! This was my third time seeing him live and he blows me away every single time.
• My very first friend from kindergarten got married to her high school sweetheart a few weekends back. She was the first of my school friends to get married, it was pretty special to be there to celebrate with them. 
• I picked up a new hobby! I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of embroidery. I have SO many ideas, I'm very excited to keep on stitching! 
• We took a quick day trip to Rochester, climbed a bridge, explored underground, aaaand had an incredible time! Is it time to do this again yet!?

I'm pretty pumped about October. I've got a few really fun things planned for the month. Here's to making it the best month so far!

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project 365 // days 256 -262

Saturday, September 27, 2014

256 : 365 Just a handsome kitty caught doing some lurking from the window.
257 : 365 My mom brought my nephew out to Cleveland to visit for the day. We visited the Natural History Museum, went to the West Side Market, and the beach. It was a really fun day.
258 : 365 Finished my second embroidery piece. I'm so pumped about the progress I've made already.
 259 : 365 Photographed some goodies for a shop my closet sale, which actually sold out in just a couple hours. Thank you SO much to everyone who snagged something. That made my month, that was so awesome! 
260 : 365 Shot an outfit that I'm just crazy about!
 261 : 365 Biked a quick five miles, and stopped to take a photo in front a mural I've been eyeing up for a while now.
262 : 365 Woke up super early to watch the sun rise and then do some exploring.

friday favorites

Friday Favorites #280

Friday, September 26, 2014

Me too, kitty, me too!
I  definitely need an eye chart poster for my apartment.
Never knew I needed a giant hammock until now.
Oh, I am all about this dress!
(via: Modcloth)
These are absolutely adorable!
 (via: Ophresia)
Yes! Yes! Yes! This needs to be on my jean jacket.
 (via: Paperkitty)
Oooh! Love this sweater!
Forever in love with fun socks.
 (via: YuSquare)
Look at this bunny house!
 (via: Habifab)
(via: Modcloth)
A giant crab for your bed!
 (via: Big Stuffed)
What a dreamy ring.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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