April 2014 - The Dainty Squid

project 365 // days 105-113

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

105 : 365 Hunting for glass. About fifteen minutes after I took this it started to pour. I stayed despite getting soaked. I feel so lucky to live less than ten minutes away from so many great beaches.
106 : 365 Got the best patches in the mail! Thanks again Allison!
107 : 365 Did some accidental exploring (meaning I got lost and then just decided to roll with it and drive around) and ended up finding these bad boys which have been saved on my Roadside America app for such a long time as somewhere I'd like to check out. Then in the afternoon my main squeeze and I did some more exploring together.
108 : 365 Mickey came home from her three week trip bearing gifts.
109 : 365 Have you guys tried these peeps yet? Oh my goodness, they're incredible. I feel like I should probably buy tons and tons of them before they're gone forever.
110 : 365 Man Man released their first album on vinyl for the first time ever on Record Store Day! Now if only I could snag a copy of Six Demon Bag on vinyl for a decent price...
111 : 365 Easter eggs.
112 : 365 Betsy painted the sweetest portrait of my little crew. She does custom orders if you're interested in one of your own, check out her shop here.
113 : 365 Recent obsession : pieces of glass (and other materials) found on the beach that have letters on them.

hair and beauty

Hello again, green!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It hasn't been too long since my hair was green last, but it's never been this shade of green! After orange I dyed my hair purple which I never was really crazy about enough to take my usual new hair photos of it. The orange didn't bleach out enough leaving my purple a little muddy. It just wasn't my best dye job to be honest. I tried to wait as long as possible before bleaching out the purple. I made sure to take super hot showers and do everything I knew would help fade it. As luck would have it when I finally did bleach the purple it came completely out, so I was able to dye my hair as light of a color as I wanted.

I used a mix of Punky Color in alpine green, turquoise, and plum as well as electric lizard from Manic Panic (with equal parts conditioner, as always) I'm SUPER stoked about how it turned out. It's already beginning to fade. I really just love hot showers. Ooops! But the green is fading to a fun yellowish shade that I'm obsessed with.
The only thing I need now is a hair cut... maybe! I'm sure just about every lady can relate to constantly wanting to grow your hair and cut it at the same time. My hair is the longest it's been over a year and of course, it's not holding a curl at all anymore because of that but it's also looking super cute in a ponytail which is nice for summer. Ah! Who knows!?

You can find all my tips on bleaching, dying and maintaining colorful hair here.

daily life

impossible project

Monday, April 28, 2014

I remember the first Polaroid camera I ever owned. I was probably four or five sitting in my brother's bedroom watching him clean out his closet when he handed me his Polaroid camera. He said I could have it, puzzled I asked if it still worked. He replied that it did but film was too expensive for him so I could just play with it instead. I don't think I ever convinced my mom to buy me film for it but I still remember him giving me that camera very vividly.

The next one I owned I bought maybe a year before film went out of production. I remember thinking to myself when I heard they were going to quit making the film that it probably wasn't true and that I would always be able get to my hands on some. Ooops. That was a mistake.

I've known about the Impossible Project since around the time they started but always avoided buying film based on the steep price and mixed reviews. Back in January when Mickey and I went to Savannah, Georgia she brought along her Polaroid along with some Impossible Project film. I shot of few pictures of her with it and was immediately in love with the results. As soon as we got back to Ohio I bought some of my own. It's been in my fridge ever since, I've just been waiting for the perfect occasion to use it. Easter was finally that occasion.
"Get together, I want to take a picture of you two!" "Can I hold my drill?"

The tones are certainly a little strange but I just adore these photos. I'm SO happy with how the images turned out. The last photo, of my parents, is probably my favorite photo of them I've ever taken. 

It's definitely not film I can justify shooting on a regular basis but for special occasions - yes please!! I'll definitely be picking up another pack, or five!

friday favorites

Friday Favorites #258

Friday, April 25, 2014

How adorable is this purse? I'm kind of in the market for something small for when Klaus and I walk around the block in the summer and I'm not wearing a jacket. This fits the bill!
 (via: Rouge + Whimsy)
What a precious outfit! That skirt is the cutest.
 (via: Modcloth)
Love this print!
 (via: Katie Vernon)
That light fixture is so awesome. That whole room is actually pretty dreamy.
 (via: Panselinos)
What a cute set! I'm kind of obsessed with crop tops and high waist skirts right now after finding the perfect black and white striped set. 
 (via: Kee Boutique)
Look how adorable these tea towels are!
 (via: Modcloth)
Ash Jewelry Studio is full of beautiful jewelry!
These paaaants! That color is so nice.
(via: Shop Adorn)
Love love loooove this undies set!
If I ever decide get rid of my absolutely perfect shower curtain, I would most certainly get this one to replace it.
(via: Modcloth)

Happy Friday!


abandoned school // part two

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last week I shared some photos, which you can find here, from a recent adventure with Jesi. I'm back today with another post full of photos from the abandoned school.
One of my favorite things about the school, although these photos don't necessarily show it the best, is how colorful the rooms were. Graffiti aside, that first room up there is a light orange with blue doors, another room was bright blue! And the textures, don't even get me started on the textures! Why is the look of paint peeling like that so interesting!?

One more post from this school coming up next week, it's my favorite of the three. Can't wait to share!

daily life

found on the beach

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I finally found a beach I can do one of my favorite hobbies at! Mickey and I had visited a beach right before everything thawed hoping to find some glass. I was super stoked because, although we found barely any glass, there was tons of trash. I couldn't wait to go back and collect it for one of my found on the beach trash photos. I went back right after it thawed to find they had completely cleaned up. I was starting to think maybe, just maybe, they take better care of the beaches in Cleveland than in Geneva.

Fast forward a month or so, my boyfriend Jeff takes me to this new beach he loves that I hadn't been to yet. At first I just like "Oh, this beach has lots of trash..." then it hit me and the words "this beach has lots of trash" meant something a little bit different. I couldn't wait to go back and with a tote bag and start gathering colorful trash for a photo.
I think this might even have ended up being one of my favorite sets of these found on the beach photos I've taken. I actually collected so many things that they wouldn't all fit in the photo. I'm finding my 40mm prime lens is a little bit limiting as of late and this was definitely one of those situations. I wish I could have kept building my little rectangle of trash larger and larger. I guess I have the rest of the summer to do so!

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