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project 365 // days 355 -360

Saturday, December 27, 2014

355 : 365 A cactus out in the wild in Cleveland. Heh!
As well as a random cactus, the building we were in had a ton of Christmas decorations so we tried to take a nice Christmas themed photo. It was cold, we were rushing, and the photo kind ended looking like us just with a bunch of random stuff. But hey, we tried.
356 : 365 I've been borrowing some of the cameras Jeff has for sale from his Polaroid collection to test them out. I'm so pleased with how these ones turned out, I really like this shot of my bike. You can find this camera and a bunch of others here.
357 : 365 I hate adding an iPhone photo to this post, but look how cute! Klaus and Professor cuddling with me...AT THE SAME TIME. Still not to the point where I'd ever catch them cuddling with each other but baby steps.
358 : 365 Mickey and I spent an afternoon building a fort at the beach...
and waving at passing boats.
 359 : 365 The drive to my parent's house on Christmas Eve was super foggy. It was killing me that I couldn't pull over and take pictures.
360 : 365 Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a great day!

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10 thoughts

  1. Your pictures are all so pretty as are your plants. Have you done a post about your plants (like which ones you have, etc)? I'd love to see your setup and which plants you have. :)
    The Nerdy Fox

    1. Thanks, Heather.

      No, I think really the closest thing I've done to that is a post on tips...

  2. I would have been so excited to find a bunch of Christmas decorations in an old building! That's so cool. And I love the foggy road picture!

    1. It really way, especially right before Christmas. It was such great timing.

  3. The fog photo is my favorite from this installment! I really enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Thanks! I'm particularly fond of the fog photo as well.


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