Friday Favorites #292 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #292

Friday, December 19, 2014

You guys. I kind of definitely 100% need this for my bike.
 (via: Wearable Planter)
 I can't decide if I absolutely love or hate this round frame polaroid film. I bet portraits would look really pretty in them. It also comes in gold frame, which I always like!
(via: Urban Outfitters)
Recently I was admiring this coat in store at Macy's but couldn't bring myself to purchase it since I'm SO rough on coats and it does cost a pretty penny. It's so cute!
(via: Macy's)
This vase is probably the coolest ever.
(via: Modcloth)
Love love love this calendar. I can't believe it's so late in the year and I still haven't purchased one yet.
 (via: Colour Moon)
I've shared Quill and Fox's work in my Friday Favorites before but this postcard is just too good!
 (via: Quill and Fox)
I'm really digging this top. But Kaylah it's just a plain gray top!? Hear me out. Earlier in the year I found this plain black shirt at Target. I bought it just for something cozy to wear and bike in. It quickly became one of my favorite items of clothing. I had no idea a simple shirt could be so powerful. Now I'm kind of the hunt for more things like it. This one looks like it has potential. It also comes in light grey.
(via: Modcloth)
I actually don't have a christmas tree up this year but if I did I'd definitely want this ornament for it.
 (via: Dotter Studio)
This has to be the coolest tablecloth fort ever.
 Obsessed with this cardigan!
(via: Kate Spade Saturday)

Have an awesome weekend!

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15 thoughts

  1. Great picks!! That ornament and tablecloth are too cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. that bike planter is pretty cool!

    ( :

  3. That bike vase is seriously the cutest and most quirky thing ever... if only I had a bike!
    Also loving that tablecloth, how awesome is that?!
    Love these kind of posts,

    Love, Lucy

  4. Gah, that shirt from Modcloth looks very similar to my favorite shirt! Mine came in a Wantable Intimates box which suggests it's meant to be slept in, but it's incredibly versatile and flattering (and comfy) I think I might buy both colours of the modcloth top... haha.

  5. That looks to me like a DALEK cardigan!x

  6. Oh my goodness I am in love with all of these adorable things! Especially the hippo planter....
    xoxo Sydney

  7. So I totally just bought my mother a lapel planter from Wearable Planters on Etsy! Thank you for the idea! Haha I even had to beg the shop owner to send it to me before Christmas because she closed her shop at noon today - but she did, phew!

    Oh and also thank you for always loving monsters <3


  8. That tablecloth is amazing! I've also not bought a calendar yet.

  9. That handlebar vase! So incredibly cute. ♥ Makes me wish I rode my bike more, you know?

    Kat | Secret, Black, and Midnight

  10. I didn't know round frames for polaroid exists! They're so cool!

    Life With Antlers

  11. Dude, I can't decide on the round frame film either. On one hand, it's looks nice and reminds me of the original kodak box camera images, but on the other hand, that's prime (and costly!) image real estate being used up by a border. I'll probably give at least one pack a try ;)

  12. this is my favourite time of year as buying calendars & diaries and writing goal lists in preparation for the new year is such fun! and that calendar is no exceptions!
    bella x

  13. That tablecloth! Also reminded me I still have to buy a calendar this year..

  14. That sweet little bike vase! I hope you got that for yourself for christmas! so precious.


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