what I wore: golden tote - The Dainty Squid

what I wore: golden tote

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the dainty squid, graffiti, orange hair
the dainty squid, orange hair,
jacket - Vegan Leather Moto Jacket c/o Golden Tote
shirt - c/o Golden Tote
necklace -c/o Shlomit Ofir
lapel pin - No Fun Press
jeans - H&M
socks - Romwe (a few years back)
shoes - c/o Loly in the Sky

For this outfit post I teamed up with Golden Tote, a company I'm very excited to tell you about! Golden Tote is basically the ultimate surprise grab bag! They have two different tote sizes, $49 for 2-3 items, or $149 for 5-7 clothing items. Those bags have a retail value of up to $200 and $600, respectively. What happens is you get to choose 1-2 items to go in your tote and then they surprise you with the rest based on a short quiz you fill out on the site.
golden tote review
New styles launch on the first Monday of every month so November's style just recently went live. It was a tough choice for me to choose what two items I wanted in my bag since there were quite a few items I was pining over. As it turned out I ending up loving everything in my tote.  But if I didn't, they actually have a trading group on Facebook, so it would have all worked out regardless! In my tote I received the two items shown in the outfit above as well as a dress, and two more sweaters which I'm sure I'll be showing off in outfit posts in the near future. I'm supremely picky about sweaters and somehow I ended up with three I really like. I'm pretty pumped.

Can't finish this post off without talking about how much I love these photos! I. AM. OBSESSED. I felt so incredible in this outfit, which I'm going to blame on that jacket. I might have even wore the whole outfit two days in a row. The location just felt perfect for the whole look, definitely one of my favorite little hidden spots in Cleveland. My hair looks amazing with the graffiti. Basically, I feel reeeeal good!

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20 thoughts

  1. oh, this looks so lovely!

    the matching dots of shirt and shoes/socks are awesome - i love those details!

    1. Thanks, Julia! :)

      Figured if I was wearing all black, I could go all out on silly details like polka dots!

  2. your hair and this outfit are pure perfection!

  3. I love how I've seen you admit to wearing an outfit more than once in a week. I do that constantly and feel like some people judge but I could care less! And I love your hair :) it reminds me of a sunset here in Vegas!

  4. You're looking amazing with the new hairdo plus all the outfit here!! (the biker jacket screams trouble as your pin also does :P). Dotted socks with the dotted shoes, perfection :) Do you know if the Golden tote also works internationally?

  5. I LOVE this entire outfit! Still obsessed with your new hair too :)


  6. Wow - what an awesome service! I love that you get to choose part of what you get - that way (hopefully) no one ends up completely disappointed in their box. Going to check it out now. You look awesome! I always wear lots of black & white right after dyeing my hair (when it's super bright)!

  7. I'm obsessed with that whale necklace! Whales are one of my absolute favorite animals.


  8. You always look incredible, but your happiness really exudes in these photos. You're such an epic babe, Kaylah.

  9. Beautiful! I love the reverse colors in your polka dot shoes. I think that and your amazing hair really makes it!

  10. Your shoes are so cute! And I love how all the black makes your hair color really pop!


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