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project 365 // days 326 - 332

Saturday, November 29, 2014

326 : 365 The day I took Jeff over to meet my parents for the first time we went on a hike and found this skull. I fiiiinally got around to cleaning it this week. After I was finished, while Jeff was at work, I went to his apartment and left it along with a cute little note. Upon typing that I realize how hilarious it is that I snuck over to my boyfriends place while he wasn't home and left him something dead. But he was appreciative and I guess that's why he's perfect for me.
327 : 365 My latest finished embroidery piece, and easily my favorite so far.
 328 : 365 Visited a reeeally cool museum for the second time in a month, specifically with the intent to take pictures for a blog post. I'm pretty excited to tell you all about this place.
329 : 365 I spent the afternoon at Jeff's apartment waiting for the furnace guy to come so I could let him in, only for the dude not to show up at all. Leaving my house I quickly grabbed some embroidery supplies to keep me occupied but completely forgot my marker to plot out where to stitch so I ended up just stitching lines. It's not something I plan on finishing anytime soon but I will tuck it away for another day when I can't think what to stitch but still want to do something with my hands. Guess it'll turn into a tiny little sampler piece.
330 : 365 Just a corner of my apartment.
 331 : 365 The two best friends that there have been. Professor and Jeff are inseparable. It's almost annoying how much Professor likes him. He greets him at the door, follows him everywhere, and immediately hops up onto him as soon as he gets in bed.
 332 : 365 Queen of the apartment.

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8 thoughts

  1. Hello, I have been a long time reader of your blog and I have always loved your photos. I am an avid lover of photography and am developing my collection of old and antique cameras but I would love to be able to use some of them. One such camera is a polaroid but finding film is difficult. Do you have any recommendations for film sources or books or websites to get more info about photography?

    1. This post might be helpful for you!

  2. Your moon calendar is supercool!


    1. Thanks! I'm pretty bummed the year is almost over and I'll have to get a new calendar!

  3. My cat used to be annoyingly in love with my ex. He'd always taunt be for it, too. He'd say, "Nothing makes a girl madder than saying that their cat likes you more than them!"

  4. It's so lovely to see little Miss. Squid again :D xxxx

  5. Hahaha I love the story of you secretly leaving a skull in your boyfriend's house. That's too cool!


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