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project 365 // days 290-298

Saturday, November 01, 2014

290 : 365 A few weekends back Jeff and I met my parents in Youngstown for an auction. I wasn't expecting too much, I was just attending because I thought it would be a fun family activity. Then I realized who ever the things previously belonged too was also a collector of globes! I scored a light up globe, a moon globe, and a mini moon globe that is also a coin bank.
291 : 365 Dinosaur World! More on this amazing place here!
292 : 365 Abandoned ferris wheel outside of a burnt down fireworks store. 
More photos here.
293 : 365 Some pretty meh macarons. At least they were nice looking?
294 : 365 Shell shaped Shell gas station.
295 : 365 New embroidery piece I worked on in the car during our roadtrip while Jeff drove. I was originally going to fill the hoop but realized I liked it too much like to keep going.
296 : 365 Another one of the new globes.
297 : 365 When I went to add this photo in the post and realized I had already included a macaron shot I was about to delete it but these macarons are definitely worth sharing, especially since the ones above were no good. We've been getting macarons from Earth Fare every so often, which in case you don't have them near you is a grocery store. Once I found out they weren't made in house I had to figure out the supplier. It's Duverger. These are literally the best macarons ever. I've tried ones from more than a handful of states, and from oodles of bakeries -these puppies are THE ONES! Lucky for everyone, they sell online!
 298 : 365 Re-potted some of my plants which left room for a fuzzy little kitty to spy on people below from the window.

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5 thoughts

  1. I've never in my life tried a Macaron, but now that I know the best place on earth to get them from, I'm going to have to order some soon :)

  2. Ah, such beautiful pictures! Love them! But I always love pictures of your home, it just looks amazing. And I get inspired to also do this project. I did it once, for 9 months, and then I stopped, because it felt to much as an obligation, even though I loved it in the beginning. I just have these periods of photographing and not photographing, and also my periods in using digital of analog. Maybe I should start with a picture everyday, for a month ;).

  3. That globe is such an awesome find! And your cacti are amazing looking :) I can't wait until mine grow big.

  4. Great finds on the globes! I love the embroidery piece you made--so pretty:)


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