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Found on the Beach

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Last month I opened a Society6 shop. Before doing that I shot a quick little series of photos featuring some of my favorite pressed plants. What was something just for fun ended up being something I really loved and it inspired me to shoot similar photos using other objects. I was brainstorming what to shoot when I spotted a little jar I keep in my curiosity cabinet that is full of small treasures I bring home from the beach. BAM! So I present to you my new series, Found on the Beach...
I've been collecting beach glass for a while now. I'm not picky about shape, color or size, I pick it all up. But while searching for glass I always stumble upon other little treasures, things I can't seem to leave behind. Shells, crawdad claws, rocks with interesting patterns, fossils, shards of pottery, and so on. I keep these things all in a few small jars, not organized or displayed in a way that shows off their beauty. This series was the perfect excuse to dig out those items and show them off.

The one of the rocks is my favorite. It's actually a huge struggle for me not to collect rocks. I know that if I started, I wouldn't be able to stop. These are all ones that I just couldn't resist shoving in my pocket. They're so beautiful.

Prints, as well as mugs, phone case, pillows and more, are available here. From now until November 9th, if you follow this link you'll receive free worldwide shipping!

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6 thoughts

  1. As soon as I saw this I got excited!! I would LOVE something with an image of all the lighters you have found!! Any chance that may be added to the store?

    1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to take an updated photo of the lighters! ;)

      I'll definitely put them up in the store if there are any I think turn out great.

  2. The pottery photo reminds me of working in an archaeology lab!

  3. I used to collect shards of broken glasses when I was a kid. If only I held on to them until today, then maybe I could also take photos of them.

    Life With Antlers

  4. I am a shell freak!! Love your collection.


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