Friday Favorites #284 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #284

Friday, October 24, 2014

Woaaaah, that is one good looking chair!
I've always liked the idea of having a mirror like this, but one with cat ears is just way too cute. 
Perfect mug? Sure is!
 (via: Cherry Pie Lane)
Ah! How cute are these fanny packs!?
 (via: Merrimaking)
Love the pattern on this dress.
 (via: Modcloth)
Such a gorgeous bracelet.
 (via: Praxis Jewelry)
Love this scarf. It even comes in two other color combos as well!
Well if this isn't the cutest place setting...
 (via: Yvonne Ellen)
Always and forever a fan of quirky socks.
 (via: Modcloth)
Oh my goodness, this ring! Holy smokes. Opal is so beautiful.

Hope you're having an amazing Friday!

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11 thoughts

    But seriously, this list is such an A+! I'm absolutely swooning over that chair though. Oh and those scarves. And that bracelet. Aaaaaaaaaaand you get the idea!
    Those opal rings, thoough! I think you should get them simply because it's October. Treat yo self!

  2. My favorites are the tooth toothbrush holder, the whale plates, and of course that ring. It's far too gorgeous for words!

    The What's In Between

  3. OMG i want that chair!!!! It's just perfect for reading books *_*

  4. Kaylah, Thanks so much for including our chair in your list! Great finds! I love the whale plates! ~ ME from Owl Song Vintage

  5. The cat ear mirror is adorable! I have a fondness for Halloween kitsch which it reminds me of. =^..^=

  6. Love that cute dress! The mid century chair is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  7. My faves would be the first three photos. Who would have thought that adding cat ears to a hand mirror would make it so cute?

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  8. Thank you for mentioning my opal ring! I love your blog; I'm going through a houseplant obsessive phase myself at the moment, and can't help but admire your herd.

    -Rebecca (Artifact Vintage)

  9. Youre friday favorites really are the best.


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