Friday Favorites #281 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #281

Friday, October 03, 2014

Took a ride last week in the cold and realized I miiiight just want something to cover my nose/mouth when I bike. The cold air hurt my lungs so bad, I felt awful. This bandana would be perfect!
 (via: Winter Cabin)
 (via: Once Again Sam)
Love this towel holder. It comes in white too. Best of all, it has a magnetic back (as well as a way to hang it with screws!) so you can hang it on your fridge! 
(via: Animi Causa)
Always room for another tooth ring in my jewelry box! 
 (via: Bellflower Bay)
 Beetle pillow!? Yes, please!
(via: Modcloth)
This is such an adorable phone case. I don't know what it is about pineapples but they sure are cute (and delicious!!!)
 (via: Field Trip)
Love this print so much!
 (via: Small Adventure)

(via: Modcloth)
These leaf skeleton necklaces are so pretty.
Ahhh! This dress! Love it so much!
 (via: Ever + Mi Crush)
Phew! This is a dreamy set

Hope you're having an amazing Friday!

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9 thoughts

  1. Oh I love leaf skeletons! They're so dainty that they have a beauty of their own.

  2. I've been so into bugs lately and I think it's from reading your blog. I'm not complaining though! Your Friday Favorite are always MY favorites. I love everything you curate here! Your taste/home style reminds me of a sort of antique-colorful-study and I adore it :)

    The What's In Between

  3. I stumbled across this shop on Etsy with lots of teeth stuff. Have you seen them?

  4. I posted about that beetle cushion on my blog today too! Haha, great minds think alike! ;) xo

  5. I LOVE all of these. And I actually own that cat dress. I think these Friday favourites posts are great! x kayleigh // mylittlejeans

  6. These are my favourite things for keeping mouth/nose warm on a bike:

    I used to use a bandana when riding pillion on a motorbike, but always found it would slowly slip down my face, which is annoying! But Buffs are made of stretchy jersey material so they cling better.

    Astrid x

  7. Oh my gosh that tooth ring! Amazing!!

  8. Wow, that site with the cat dress is shady. It's a "vintage" $44 dress? That's an H&M dress. I have the EXACT kind except it was for $19. How do people do business like that? I'd like to get some Forever 21 crap then make it cost double by labeling it vintage...
    (don't mind my rambling. I'm just irked when people do this and call it a business)

  9. That cactus print! So cute to see and see " how I have that one, and that one " ^^


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