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project 365 // days 240 - 247

Saturday, September 13, 2014

240 : 365 Set off early(ish) in the morning on a bike ride by myself to hopefully beat the heat (spoiler alert: I didn't!) I took a break before heading down into the flats and had a moment where I was just overwhelmed in the best way. Someone recently commented on my instagram and said "Aren't you that person who was afraid to bike around the block like a year ago?" Yep, that was me! Now I'm doing ten plus miles around the city by myself. I can't believe what a difference six months can make on a person. I love this city more than I could ever explain. Life is good, y'all!
241 : 365 Favorite new lapel pin from No Fun Press.
242 : 365 Surprise, surprise, another bike photo! I've been trying to ride everyday and something that keeps me motivated is exploring new areas and finding new walls to photograph my bike in front of.
243 : 365 Jeff and I ran out to take photos of the sunset real quick after seeing all the awesome colors. It's crazy how quickly they came and went.
244 : 365 Biked 36 miles total this day.
245 : 365 Ran out to my parents house for dinner. We took a quick trip back in the woods to see if it was all the praying mantises were out yet (they weren't!) Klaus, and Crum joined us on the dumptrack ride, it was pretty cute! I love those puppy dogs!
246 :  365 The first day I've come close to not grabbing a 365 picture. I took this one single photo in the morning and completely forgot to shoot anything else until nearly midnight when Jeff asked if I had taken one. Yep, I took ONE.
 247 : 365 Met up with Jesi, and did some exploring! We explored another abandoned school, and a cement factory. I have lots of photos of this day to share soon, of course.

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12 thoughts

  1. Oh wow, what kind of plant is the siamese sitting beside in the lonely pic of the day? It looks so cool!

    1. It's Pilea Mollis. It's pretty easy to grow too. :)

  2. Just found you via Bloglovin - awesome blog, love your photographs! :D

  3. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that's afraid of riding a bike. How did you lose your fear if you don't mind me asking? Lovely pictures as always, of course. I'm reading and enjoying your blog for a while now, I forever wish to find such amazing things like you do at flea markets. xx

    1. Oh, no! I wasn't afraid of riding a bike, I was just nervous to be out and about by myself.

      But the best way to get over any fear is just to face it. :)

  4. Well I love your bike pictures and am amazed at how much you can ride!!

  5. All of your biking adventures make me want to start riding again, and you know, I think I will!

    Kassandra | The Desert Poppy

  6. You live in a very cool city. I would bike for hours in that place. :)

  7. Gosh girl you have been cycling like crazy, keeps you fit and good sleeping =) your life changed a lot which is great for us readers.


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