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project 365 // days 217-223

Thursday, August 21, 2014

217 : 365 Biked nine hot, windy miles. It's funny as a cyclist you become a lot more aware of your surroundings. That bridge in a car? Yeah, it's totally flat. On a bike? You realize it's definitely a hill, and a dang big one at that. A nice breeze that would normally feel great? It'll turn that bridge into a mountain. I always feel accomplished after a tough ride though.
218 : 365 One of my favorite things about my apartment is definitely all the windows, my plants love it too!
218 : 365 My mom came out to visit for the day. We shopped, relaxed at the beach, went to Presti's, and of course, hit up the photobooth at Big Fun since we were in the area. Later that night, Jeff and I biked around downtown. I had been wanting to get a picture of my bike with the lasers that are up for the Gay Games since the day they went up. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I wish those lasers were there all the time, they looked pretty awesome in person.
219 : 365 A few of the bugs in my collection that need to find a home in a shadow box.
220 : 365 Sometimes even grown ups like night lights. (Arrow found here!)
221 : 365 Awesome mail day including an Influenster box!
222 : 365 I'm obsessed with finding murals to take pictures of bike in front of. Also, I want to make note of this being a really tough ride for me. We did 11 miles, which is average for our rides lately. I don't know what it was but I was struggling. I had a bit of a fever, it was hot outside, I was beyond thirsty, and when we took a short break I might have shed a few tears, which I tried to deny at the time. But just like I said above, the toughest bike rides always make me feel the most accomplished.
223 : 365 Some pretty new polishes from Poppy!

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17 thoughts

  1. Mmm I love your first picture with the bike (and the whole series of pictures of your bike.) We have a small bench in our town that is shaped like the (narrow) head of a man submerged in earth up to his nose, and his fedora is the bench part. I love it, and all the more because there's so little obviously cool stuff about a town of 8000.

    Lovely pictures! I'll dream of traveling until I get to do it. :)

  2. Adore your bike, very vintage touch to it :D The colours play tricks in the mural photo, as the bike almost looks photoshoped!!


  3. Oh I love the bike with lasers picture!

    Little Gold Pocket Watch

    1. Thanks! I was super stoked with how that one turned out!!

  4. oh my god your bike is absolutely amazing! I've never seen a prettier bike. All the photos are perfect as well, I admire your dedication to keep up the project!
    Helena /

  5. this first pic is awesome! well, the camera really loves your bike :D

  6. Gorgeous succulents! I really love the look of lots of different succulents and cacti all clustered together!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  7. Love all the pics! Wow, you guys biked a long way. Congrats! This is probably a silly question: do you take water (to drink) with you on your rides, or do you stop at a store to rehydrate?

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! I normally always take water along but I basically have an insatiable thirst so a lot of rides we stop at a store to grab another water.

  8. Man hearing about your bike rides makes me want to get back into biking! I have the bad habit of riding a couple times in a row, and then not doing it again for weeks, so I never get any stronger and always feel like I'm just starting out :P I love seeing all of your bike pictures!

  9. I love your bike! And that arrow. I would have never expected it at Target. Where'd you pick up your bike from?


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