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project 365 // days 210 - 216

Saturday, August 16, 2014

210 : 365 I spent the afternoon at the beach picking up glass and trash. The weather was surprisingly cool, well, not too surprising for Ohio actually. We got about three weeks of hot summer weather and then it cooled off for a little while. It's rather nice actually. This is my favorite kind of weather and it means less people are frequenting the beach.
211 : 365 Flowers in my momma's garden.
212 : 365 Two of the presents from my parents.
213 : 365 Birthday flowers and the birthday bike gang!
 214 : 365 Jeff and I have never taken a regular couple picture together. (Okay, maybe my mom has snapped one or seven with her phone but in my opinion those don't really count!) Every picture we're ever taken together has had some strange-ish element in it, like us in front of a giant tee-pee, or with roman candles, and it's kind of my favorite thing ever. I told him I'd like to keep it up, no normal pictures, ever. So, here we are in front of a whale!
215 : 365 Snooping around, and shooting graffiti with my best buds.
216 : 365 Woke up early to go watch the sunrise on the beach.

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19 thoughts

  1. Great photos. I won't be able to be brave enough to snoop around places, especially if it's private.

  2. The whale photos is probably my favourite couple photo of all time. You need to find a good whale frame to put it in

    chloe x

  3. I love seeing all the photos you've been taking! You're so talented and inspirational :)

    Kassandra | The Desert Poppy

  4. I used to go glass-hunting with my Dad and it was the most magical thing in the whole world. I still look for glass every time I'm at the beach out of habit. <3

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  5. I love your birthday gifts! I was just thinking about how badly I wanted a phrenology head the other day. Loved this post! :)

    1. This guy is from Home Goods (I picked it out, hehe!) but you could also check TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They actually had a few different sizes.

  6. The last picture is so beautiful!

  7. I love that you guys don't have any "normal" couple pictures together! My favorite pictures of me and my husband of the ones where we're being silly or posing with something odd, I feel like it's way more us. The normal ones feel way too posed for my liking!

    1. Exactly, the ones we have are totally us.

  8. I love these posts! Your photography is getting better and better! xx

  9. I love your photography! You make me want to go exploring :) and I think it's amazing how much stuff you find on the beach.

  10. I do love beach detritus and I envy the freedom you have to explore all these fascnating places


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