project 365 // days 203 - 209 - The Dainty Squid

project 365 // days 203 - 209

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

203 : 365 Klaus is a hand model in his spare time. (patch by The Scout Project)
204 : 365 A poor, sad puppy
 ...because this who he's trying to befriend.
205 : 365 Camping adventure with my family complete with oodles of mushrooms and food cooked over the fire.
206 : 365 Hiking up stream around Cucumber Falls.
207 : 365 Rainy days are so nice with all the windows open, and a cool breeze coming in.
208 : 365 Man Man + Gogol Bordello together!! My goodness, it was WILD.
209 : 365 Took a hike with my pal, Anthony. We found tons of mushrooms, and insects. It was a ton of fun. I have more photos to share from the hike soon.

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14 thoughts

  1. Haha, I love that Klaus is moonlighting as a hand model ^_^ looking forward to seeing all the pictures from your hike!

  2. I LOVE IT when you include a little gif!!! :D

    1. I'm so glad! I've been on a roll making them lately. They're so much fun. :)

  3. Love the gif! That bridge location is amazing! Reminds me a little of a place I explored in Maryland. Lovely photos :)

  4. I've sat just looking at that gif for ages, it's mesmerising. I love when spots of rain come through the window like that.
    I love Klaus' sad face, he's adorable.

    1. I know, me too! Even if everything gets a little wet, it really is so peaceful.

  5. Another beautiful outfit post.

    1. I'm going to assume this was meant to be posted on another post, but hey, thanks! :)

  6. Your gifs never cease to amazing me! Hehe poor Klaus, he's so darn cute!

  7. I love your pets, they are so cute!
    Overall your photographs are amazing, you're such a great photographer.



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