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July in review

Friday, August 01, 2014

July was a great month. I did lots of exploring, lots of biking, saw my favorite band in the whole wide world TWICE, got to visit with my best friend, went camping, rappelled in a cave and so much more!

A few of my favorite posts from July...

new (to me) movies + tv shows I watched this month:
Hemlock Grove. I'm two seasons in and as much as I'd like to say what a dumb show it is, I for some reason can't quit watching. To be honest, I'm not a 100% sure what's even going on anymore.
The Killing. Also two seasons in except I am loving it!
I Am Divine.
Bates Motel.

songs on repeat:
 • From The Hips - Cursive
 • Zebra - Man Man
 • Big Bang -Aesop Rock
 • Hurly / Burly - Man Man
PS. If you want to see what else I'm listening to, you can find me on last fm here!  

exciting happenings online and off: 
I fiiiinally got to see Elycia and Milo! It had been way too long. We, of course, made it a priority to find a photobooth. I can't wait to see them again soon.
 • I celebrated one year with my puppy dog, and four years with the Professor!
 • I saw Man Man twice, as well as Neutral Milk Hotel, and Gogol Bordello! What a month for concerts. 
 Jeff and I went camping with my family. Near our campsite was Laurel Caverns. Jeff was sold once he saw they offered rappelling in the cave. I was skeptical but I'll try anything once. It turned out to be absolutely incredible. Our group was super small, and our instructors were the nicest so we got to go down way more times than most would. I'm already hooked. I want to do more rappelling ASAP. Jeff took this shot of me on one of my trips down.

I'm pretty excited about August. I mean, how can my birthday month be anything less than awesome?!

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15 thoughts

  1. I've *loved* Gogol Bordello every since I saw Wristcutters years ago. It's one of my favorite Pandora stations to work to in the bakery...
    Oh, and Neutral Milk Hotel is something to behold live, eh? I live in Athens so I've been lucky enough to see them and some of the Elephant Six side projects as well. Incredibly talented musicians, all of them!

    1. I think Gogol might have actually been what led me to Wristcuters!

  2. your july looks truly awesome! ... and of course august is great - it's my birthday, too :D

  3. Love Neutral Milk Hotel, saw them about a month ago in Utrecht, the Netherlands.... it was really awesome!!!

  4. Kaylah, I love your photographs, they are always so vibrant and gorgeous, and they look excellently lurid the way you've presented them. Wonderful. Also, I think this format of a 'month in review' is fantastic, and much more engaging than a 'favourites' post, much as I also love those.

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  5. You certainly did a lot in July. For me July felt like it went by so fast.


  6. Cave rappeling looks COOL! And scary, but mainly cool. Next time I find myself in Ohio I'd like to figure out what cave that is.


  7. I love both Hemlock Grove (though I am only I episode into S2) and the Killing! Netflix has the best shows.

  8. I completely agree with you about Hemlock Grove. When I first discovered it, I thought I'd turn it off after the first episode but because it's so weird, it's so good!

  9. great month, so many adventures. it was also really good for me, managed to squeeze few trips and, ofcourse, b-day celebration (lucky to be born in july). nice seeing your and elicia booth pics, milo is way too cute :)
    take care sweetie!

  10. What an awesome month! I hope August is just as adventurous for you!

  11. Bates Motel - I cannot WAIT for the second season to come out on DVD or Netflix (I don't have a tv...). Stoked.

  12. Oh my gosh, I am the SAME way about Hemlock Grove. It's sooooooo dumb, but I can't stop!!! And for some reason it reminds me of Twin Peaks??? I watched I Am Divine just the other day, and re-fell in love with him and John Waters<333 A friend and I plan on doing a Pink Flamingos/Waters-esque photo shoot before summer is over with, hehe.


  13. I am so with you on Hemlock Grove! I don't know why I keep watching it and also I have no idea what's happening anymore. Seriously with that 2nd season finale! So baffled.


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