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Monday, August 11, 2014

I recently met up with my pal, Anthony, at Chapin Forest to do some hiking. Well, something less like hiking, and more like looking for neat things.  Anthony is an entomology whiz, and I'm obviously into mycology so together in the woods we're a pretty fun team that is always spotting something. We didn't get too far on our hike but we did see a lot. We actually spent over an hour at the same rotting tree because we just kept finding things to photograph. Tons of tiny mushrooms, a molting millipede, a snacking slug, and so much more!
I'm particularly fond of that first photo, I even made it the background on my phone. (Although, I do change that nearly once a week so that's not saying too much!) Colorful mushrooms are always my favorite to photograph, with good reason!

It felt really good to take a hike at home. Chapin Forest is a half hour drive but it's closer than my parents, and the things we found were so much different than what's in the woods there anyways. I just liked the little escape from the city that wasn't really an escape, if that makes an sense at all. There's one spot on the trail where you can actually see the Cleveland skyline from 18 miles away. It's pretty darn awesome.

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25 thoughts

  1. Mushrooms are amazing look so so neat. I took a mycology class in college and I desperately want to find my notes, but they don't seem to be anywhere! I really hope I didn't throw them away! Where did you learn about mushrooms? What books do you have on the subject?
    Thanks Kayla!
    Pretty Lovely

    1. I learned about mushrooms on the internet, there is so much great info out there. Also, I recommend the app "Fungi" for easily identifying so you can do further research on them.

  2. These photos are amazing! I love exploring in the woods with my eyes peeled, there's so much to see if you pay close attention to detail :)

    Kassandra |

  3. These are really love photos! I adore exploring woods. So many exciting things to see in them.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  4. Ahh these are beautiful pictures! I just took some of Butterflies, I love insects! :)


  5. These photos are great. I love how you focused on minute details rather than the overall landscape.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!!!!

  7. I love being on a little mission when I am in nature (or in the city I guess!) I used to live near the beach and I would go on little sea-glass hunting missions with my dad when I was little.

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  8. I always enjoy looking at your nature photos. They inspire me to go out and use my macro lens more!

  9. Amazing pictures!

    x Angela //

  10. Woah! I'm not surprised you got stuck looking at that one log!! It's so amazing, it's hard to fathom how much life can be in such a tiny concentration of space. X

  11. I've stopped taking my camera on hikes that I want to ACTUALLY hike during because I tend to do the same thing and stop at every little thing I see to take photos. I've never seen so many colorful mushrooms, though!

  12. These are so beautiful! I want to get lost here.

    the little lion girl

  13. Absolutely love these photographs! The colours are so striking Meabh

  14. aww. the phrase "snacking slug" is so cute!!!!!!
    did you know that the french word for "slug" basically translates into "homeless snail" which is also cute


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