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project 365 // days 196-202

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

196 : 365 I've been wanting to take a picture of my bike in front of this door for a while now. Guess I kind of thought my bike was bigger? Or maybe that the door wasn't so huge? Hah! Whatever, enjoy.
197 : 365 The sweetest kitties in the world.
198 : 365 My mom came out and spent the day with me. We shopped, we looked for beach glass, and we layed in bed and talked about traveling. It was a lot of fun.
199 : 365 Never too big to be a lap dog...
200 : 365 Wearing silly glasses in exchange for crackers...
201 : 365 Did a tiny bit of rearranging...
202 : 365 Biked 20 hot, sweaty miles and felt wonderful afterward!

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11 thoughts

  1. it is so funny to see pictures of places i recognize here. i actually took a picture of this very door last year while i was out exploring on my bike! i love all the old signs painted on the brick buildings over there

    1. Haha! That's funny! It really is such a great door!!

  2. I could live on pictures of your kitties & Klaus all day every day. :)


  3. What kind of bike do you have? I've been shopping around for a new one, and I am completely in love with yours!

    1. It's from State Bicycle Co. I highly recommend them! :)

    2. Thanks! Checking them out now!

  4. That photo of Klaus in the silly glasses is just too good. I still can't believe you manage to find so much beach glass. I've only found two or three pieces at the Jersey shore. It's a bummer.

  5. Love your little collection of plants. Do they need much care?

  6. I love how you decorate your apartment. So many things to look at but it doesn't looked cluttered at all.
    Pretty Lovely

  7. That is a GOOOOD looking bike! I've been looking more and more into fixies! I'm really digging that El Dorado though! Love your posts as always, Kaylah!


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