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project 365 // days 187-195

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

187 : 365 Picture Postie sent over some prints of my photos from Instagram, not sure how Professor felt about the photo of himself!
 188 : 365 Jeff and I took a quick trip to Buffalo to see Man Man. We spent the day wandering around the city, checking out the abandoned buildings. Outside of this church we met a guy who talked our ear off. It started off innocently enough with chit chat about the church, then turned to his "gentle blend" which people can apparently smell from miles away while he grills, and his problem getting his "scrips".
 189 : 365 On our way back from Buffalo, on the side of the highway Jeff spotted some graffiti. I turned around to look and spotted a "think" piece. (See two more I've posted on the blog here + here) So we turned around to go back, and take pictures. It ended up being an awesome stop, I have more photos to share soon.
190 : 365 A new favorite dress came in the mail! It fits like a dream!
191 : 365 That incredible yearly garage sale I mention each summer happened this day! I didn't end up getting as much stuff as I normally do (Remember I'm pretending I'm a minimalist right now) but I did find the one thing I was specifically looking for, a new tripod, as well as this awesome mug!
192 : 365 Jeff and I woke up early (and by that I mean woke up when Brandon called because we were five minutes late meeting him) to go watch the innerbelt bridge get blown up. There were tons of people out, and the safety zone was kind of cramping our style. Oddly enough, some stranger noticed Brandon with his huuuuge tripod and invited him up to the roof of his condo to watch the explosion. Brandon made sure to tell him he was still expecting two more friends, which the guy said was fine. Despite a late start, and nearly missing the explosion, Jeff and I had one of the best views from the roof of this guy's condo. I didn't shoot any great photos of the explosion itself, Jeff did though. He also shot a video that blew the news channels video out of the water. After a quick breakfast, we headed down to the rubble to snap some pictures and snoop around. We were able to get surprisingly close considering how many workers were there. I really like first photo below because it gives you at least a little bit of an idea just how huge this bridge really was.
193 : 365 Things on my shelf.
194 : 365 Jeff and I explored three abandoned buildings, saw an on foot police chase, ate incredible macarons, made the tastiest grilled cheese sandwiches ever, and both somehow apparently fell asleep before 8:30pm? It was a good day.
 195 : 365 Tracy Baker made the cutest zine full of drawings she did of people she liked on instagram, and somehow I was cool enough to be included!

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5 thoughts

  1. I really like your think graffiti pictures, I have a feeling someone is trying to pass the message of "guys think for yourself, you dont have to agree or kisten to evrrything media says to you"

    Btw im glad you are back with your outfit posts, I dont like fashion blogs but I love to see yiur clothes and acessories and hiw cool they look with your bright hair and tattoos ♡

  2. I am OBSESSED with that mug. I love collecting different mugs, and I have a soft spot for mugs with doodles inside or on the bottom of the mug. What a score!

  3. That's so cool you got to have a special view for the bridge demolition! And I love the photo of professor :)


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