Friday Favorites #269 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #269

Friday, July 11, 2014

Isn't this lingerie set gorgeous? Ohhh Lulu Lingerie's whole shop is full of dreamy pieces.
 Betsie Withey of The Faerie Market is incredibly talented, check out this moth!
 Have you been looking for a giant stuffed octopus to live on your couch? Well BigStuffed has you covered!
 (via: BigStuffed)
Becca Stadtlander's style is so beautiful.
I think the days of me ever having a land line again are over but holy smokes, this is such a neat phone!
Always a sucker for fun socks.
 (via: Modcloth)
What a beautiful desk.
 (via: H.D. Woodwork)
Love how sleek this bike bag is.
 (via: BiciCouture)
Love this lap desk! I have a cheap, ugly one I picked up at a thrift store that I use all the time. This one sure would be nice. I like that it even has space for a mouse.
These are such cute shoes.
 (via: Modcloth)
What a dreamy piece!
Ohhh boy, I'd love to add this to my collection.

Hope you have an excellent Friday!

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13 thoughts

  1. hahahahahah that giant stuffed octopus is seriously the best.

    the little diary

  2. Those Modcloth socks are super cute! They remind me of that animated movie from the early 90s titled "We're Back! A Dinosaur Story"

  3. The lingerie and those socks are perfect!

  4. i want that stuffed octopus! ahhh sooo squishy <3

    xoxo, rae

  5. My husbands friend is actually the inventor of that lap desk. I am using mine right now of course.

  6. Oh I love the phone, desk, and file cabinets!!

    Little Gold Pocket Watch

  7. Awww, the Big Stuffed Etsy is now closed! :( Bummer!

  8. Oh I do love the socks & the cabinet drawers but especially the fantastic squishy octopus! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Tammy @ Through the Milk Glass

  9. I love that octopus! It look soooo cuddly! Oh, and that lapdesk is just brilliant!

  10. I love the lap desk! I am such a lazy person for using my laptop actually on my lap. I hear it eventually ruins them but I always love lying on the sofa with it on my knees. But with the mouse too I could even do gaming on the sofa!

  11. So many amazing things to see! The phone is just great :D

  12. Oooh! The locker drawers are really cool, what an awesome idea!


  13. Thanks for sharing your heart

    I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntingtons disease.


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