Friday Favorites #268 - The Dainty Squid

Friday Favorites #268

Friday, July 04, 2014

 Don Fisher's shop is absolutely incredible. At first I was just like "oh, cute fish bag" but the inside lining, the photo set up to look like the fish was on ice, and every single other little touch just sealed the deal for me!
(via: Don Fisher)
(via: Modcloth)
Love the patterns on these plates.
Kari Herer's work is just brilliant! I particularly fond of this print.
Absolutely crazy about this light!
 (via: Hunter Springs)
I know I've featured Eradura before but these cactus pins are just too cute.
 (via: Eradura)
This magazine rack is gorgeous. Bet it would look pretty awesome with plants on it. 
 (via: a living space)
Would you take a peek at this necklace?! 
 (via: J. Topolski)
Obsessed with this pillow! The print is also available on a patch. Shame all my jackets already have back patches.
 (via: Fancy Clancy)
What a cute clock!
(via: decoylab)
The pattern on this dress is so fun!
(via: Modcloth)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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10 thoughts

  1. I love all of these! wow if only I had an abundance of cash to spare...

  2. In Japan, you can get fish purses similar to those inside vending machines. They cost around $1-2 and it's a lucky dip. I got an oyster with a pearl inside, the insides are way more... realistic than this one! They're tiny though...

  3. Best finds EVER! I need an excuse to have that dress. Sadly, IRL it would waste away in my closet...

  4. Ooh, the cat necklace really caught my eye, how unique! Love those plates too, the shop they come from is just awesome, really pretty ceramics!

  5. I bought one of the Don Fisher bags back on December on a local handmade market, their booth was so detailed, even they had bearded Don Fisher selling the "fishes" himself :) you can see our pics in case you're curious here: Oh! And that skeleton cat necklace, love it! Have a nice long weekend!!

  6. Oh man, that fish bag is killing me.

  7. I love that fish bag and the moon light!

  8. HI, K =) I've missed you, Friday Faces, and the cubbs ... and the cactus collection! I haven't even been lurking but u know I'm one of your biggest fans & supporters =)
    enihoo, I don't remember if I posted this MV video before, and it IS in Korean; however, I love the group and their costumes =) as soon as it débuted & I finished watching, I thought to myself that sushi couture would be appreciated by you lol Ps happy purrthday to the Professor teeheehee I love his baby picks & I remember falling IN love with his crusted eyes & markings


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