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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The end of July means one thing to me; that my birthday is rapidly approaching! August 2nd! Every year I make a birthday list. I've probably done this since before I could even write, just circling things in catalogs. Here's 2014's silly little birthday wishlist...
1 // This mars globe would be an incredible addition to my collection of globes. It's so beautiful. I am certainly not picky about globes though. Big and small, I love them all!
2 // I already own two pairs of Palladium boots. They've proven to be incredible shoes for all the activities I've found myself doing these past few months including; biking, climbing, hiking, and urban exploring. But you guys, I just realized they make glow in the dark boots as well. The black pair would match everything but I already own a plain black pair. The glow in the dark ones also come in "splatter", which would be harder to match but they are awfully fun looking!
3 // Certainly wouldn't mind adding Hokey Fright by The Uncluded (which is Aesop Rock, and Kimya Dawson from The Moldy Peaches) to my vinyl collection.
4 // Macarons. I want tons of macarons. Make me a cake from macarons, I don't care. They're one of the only really popular things that actaully aren't over-rated. I've found a couple nearby places that sell really great ones but I still have yet to find the one flavor I must try - banana!
5 // I don't necessarily need a new camera bag but it would be nice to have one that holds just a tiny bit more than the one I already own. This one seems like it would be perfect.
6 // House plants. Uh, yep. I seriously love plants so much, and there is always room for more in this tiny apartment.

This year was easily the most difficult years for me to make a list. This is actually probably the shortest list I have ever in my life made. I think because what I really want for my birthday isn't tangible. I want adventures. I want to take a trip. I want to ride my bike with friends. I want to explore another abandoned school. I want Elycia to visit. I want to visit a cemetery with a headstone that will rival the coolness of my favorite headstone. Nearly everyday of this month I've been saying to Jeff "Hey, do you know what I reeeeally want for my birthday?" Almost all of the answers to that questions have been something non-tangible. But hey, I certainly wouldn't be mad if I got any of the other things up there either! ;)

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9 thoughts

  1. I've been searching for a new camera bag, as after a little hiking expedition and an incident with a tree, mine seems to have met the end of the line. This one looks pretty perfect!

  2. That globe!! I'm intrigued to hear about your collection of globes (:

  3. Not putting tangible items down, cos everyone knows I love me a good dress and relatively useless knickknacks (collectible toys are my weakness), but I think it's a beautiful thing when our wishes are for things we can't grasp with our hands/hoarde.

  4. Lovely picks, I'm forever a fan of macarons!

  5. Funny, I am actually in the process of making a cake from macaroons (this one => You could easily use coconut cream to make it vegan. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    1. Macarons, not macaroons. ;)
      That cake does look delicious though.

  6. Oh my goodness, I knew you were a Leo with that awesome hair! I am a Leo/Virgo cusp with a Leo rising, so I am right there too...I can never settle on the same hair color! <3

  7. I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


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