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project 365 // days 147-156

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

147 : 365 Completely obsessed with these Think pieces. I love spotting them around the city.
 148 : 365 Beach with my boys. Trying to teach Klaus to love the water. It was it his first time in the lake. He's definitely still unsure of the waves, no matter how small, but he did pretty good once he was in the water. I'm thinking I just need to find him a puppy friend who loves the water and can convince him it's actually really fun to play at the beach.
149: 365 Got some cool stuff in the mail so I had to do some organizing in my hutch.
 150 : 365 Had one of the best days ever. Spent the morning exploring with Jesi then came back to Cleveland, ate pizza, and rode 20 miles on my bike. According to MapMyRide I did my personal best over one of the bridges that when I first started riding really gave me issues so I'm pretty darn proud. 
 151 : 365 Look at these two co-existing! They still don't cuddle but this is definitely progress.
152 : 365 Beach glass! Check out that yellow piece, always so exciting to find.
 153 : 365 Freshly dyed hair.
 154 : 365 Making a list of what I need to pack for the road trip.
 155 : 365 My beautiful bike + my beautiful city.
 156 : 365 Sewed what felt like a very appropriate patch on to my camera bag.

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11 thoughts

  1. Congratus on your personal best! I love it when that happens! I love the photo of your bike with the city skyline! So pretty!

  2. Your bike is just so gorgeous! May I ask what you meant by the bridge giving your trouble with your bike? Also, how quickly did you adjust to having a fixie? I'm considering getting one for my city but I'm a liiiittle intimidated!

    1. The bridges in Cleveland aren't flat, they have quite an incline so they are a WORKOUT! The first few times crossing over the bridge I was beat.

      Quickly! I can't imagine riding anything else now!

  3. Really lovely pictures, I do like seeing these little snippets of your adventures and daily life. Love the pic of your pup and kit, they'll be cuddling up before you know it ^_^

  4. Your posts give me serious wanderlust.

  5. Nice pics!! I love your hair color so amazing ;)

  6. your hair color is amazing! i have really been wanting to dye my hair a non traditional color, but I'm just not really sure if i have the guts yet lol.

  7. Love that explorers patch - I'm definitely going to need one of those soon!

  8. Hey! I know that dog beach! It's less than a mile from my house. Nice to see the Cleveland area being represented so positively!

  9. I love your hair :D makes me all giddy and its always nice to see a fellow list maker.


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