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project 365 // days 139-146

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

139 : 365 Someone sweet bought me flowers.
 140 : 365 Always exploring! I have a bunch more photos to share soon from this little adventure.
 141 : 365 Celebrating a friend's birthday by playing with steel wool.
 142 : 365 Went out for an evening bike ride around the city with Jeff, and a few of our friends. As we were crossing one of the bridges we noticed it had starting lightening like crazy. Everyone went their separate ways but Jeff and I stuck around to shoot photos. He taught me how to take awesome night photos so I made a silly little GIF of the storm. Jeff took this incredible photo. I love just happening to be in the right place at the right time.
 143 : 365 Awesome mail from Explorer's Press.
 144 : 365 Hit 100 miles on my bike, 50 of which were just in the last week.
 145 : 365 Some pretty new babies! I was trying to quit buying plants since I'm kind of running out of room but it's so hard to resist when you find really great ones.
 146 : 365 A deer spine! I found the full skull too, I just for some reason didn't snap a picture of it. I just need to do a quick peroxide soak on it and it'll be ready to display in my collection.
It was seriously such a fun filled week, these photos don't even begin to do it justice. I ate Indian food, biked around my beautiful city, took Jeff to meet my parents, let Klaus play off leash outside for the first time ever (he did AMAZING!), climbed around Whipps Ledges, did some more biking, and so much more!

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14 thoughts

  1. so I was looking at jewelry on etsy and saw this ring

    thought of you.

    Glad it did cause I haven't visited your site in a bit, this was a nice reminder to do so....I guess I associate you with tooth objects :)

  2. That gif is seriously one of the coolest things I've seen in FOREVER! Especially photography wise. I really, really want to try a storm gif now.

  3. There are sooooo many awesome things in this post! I am OBSESSED with that cool gif you made! Storms are the best, and how great you were able to capture it! I looked at Jeff's photo, too - what a beauty. I really can't get over it.

    Also, how lucky to find a spine and skull, too! I just found a pelican skull the other day while I was walking on the beach, but finding a deer one would be way cooler! :)

  4. those lightning pictures are the best! you should post tips about how to get awesome pics like that!
    the little diary

  5. Your photography always has me envious and itching to go out and explore!

  6. Gah! That deer spine is amazing! We live a stone's throw from the Phoenix Park in Dublin where there are deer roaming all the time. Every year I try and find some antlers that have been shed, but no luck. You lucked out awesome though!

    And that lightning gif = YES.

  7. the lightening gif is awesome!

  8. Whoooaaaaa what did you do to steel wool to make it look like that?!?

  9. I love your posts lately. You are beaming with happiness in your text and pictures and it is so great!

  10. I seriously love your photography posts! Your photos are always so amazing!
    I especially love photo 142 :) The lightening gif is amazing! I miss bike riding. I should start doing that again and bringing my camera of course :)


  11. What awesome adventures you go on! I love the lighting gif!

  12. I love your GIF - and how incredible is the still lightning photo? I saw this photo contest for the Weather Channel on Facebook today. That picture MUST be entered!!! :)

  13. Love the storm gif and can't wait to see more photos of the buildings you've explored- those posts are so great. :)

  14. That gif is amazing! I saw the photo on Jeff's instagram and I was like woah... I tried capturing a photo like that a couple of years ago and it didn't turn out so good. I didn't have a dslr back then though, maybe I'll be better the next time I get a chance.

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