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project 365 // days 126-138

Monday, May 19, 2014

126 : 365 Very excited to see things blooming again. It was a long winter.
 127 : 365 My beautiful bike.
128 : 365 Hiking with my favorite dude.
 129 : 365 Shooting outfit pictures. This is one of the very few I took with my hair down before I had to get it off my neck because of the heat. 
 130 : 365 Pretty new necklace from Ash Jewelry.
 131 : 365 Running errands with Jeff always turns into a mini adventure. It's the best.
 132 : 365 Capturing little moments like this one of my niece and my dad is my favorite.
 133 : 365 It took a month to get here but it sure is a darn good looking patch.
 134 : 365 Grumpiest kitty watching me take pictures of my plants.
 135 : 365 Jeff hung a new shelf in my bedroom which means I got to bring a small chunk of my collection of medical models in the room. Slowly but surely my bedroom is coming along.
136 : 365 I finally got a backpack camera bag that's not ginormous which means I can bike with my camera now. There's been lots of stopping to take pictures of my bike in front of pretty places.
137 : 365 Beach glass hunting at sunset.
138 : 365 Inanimate objects with faces are my absolutely favorite thing.

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16 thoughts

  1. your bike might just be my favourite bike...ever.
    bella x

  2. such nice pictures... the face is great!

  3. Oh my goodness Kaylah! Your bike is absolutely lovely. What kind is it, or could you point me in the direction of a post you made about it possibly? Hope you're well!

    1. Thank ya! You can find the post about it here:

  4. It's so nice to see all the flowers blooming, thank goodness that winter is finally over!

  5. I love your pics, clothes, hair and tattoos but dang girl, that bike is amazing!

  6. The image of your beautiful bike in front of the door is amazing, you should make a series! :)

    The cat, you and us

    1. I had definitely already considered the idea. Thanks! :)

  7. lol, I love how you talk about "the heat". In Ohio. I wish we had "heat" like that in Texas. I'm so jealous of all the cute clothes you get to wear! It's too hot here to wear anything but shorts and tank tops most of the time!

    1. Well, when you're used to single digit temperatures the first eighty degree day is pretty darn hot.

  8. That Ash necklace is gorgeous and I love love love the picture of your dad and niece :) Too sweet. Your photography is really beautiful ALL the time.

    xo Ashley

  9. I love Jeff's sweater in that one photo... looks like something Shawn would wear! :)

  10. These photos are gorgeous! I've been really wanting to try Project 365. Are you still enjoying it? I'm afraid it will start to become a chore to me after a while. Haha



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