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Weekly Nail

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Supplies used...
China Glaze Millennium
Ciate Pepperminty
OPI Don't Mess With OPI
Seche Vite as a top coat
Dotting tool
Nail stickers (blogged about here // bought from here)  

Ellovi recently sent over a sample of their Butter. It's made from six ingredients, no synthetic chemicals, water, or preservative, and is so pure you could eat it. Forever skeptical, I wasn't expecting much but I'm obsessed with this stuff. Beside using it on my knees which are always dry, I've been using it on my cuticles. It's amazing! I like it even better than Lemony Flutter from Lush which used to be my go-to for soft cuticles. Definitely thinking I'll be purchasing another container when this one runs out. I love that I can use it anywhere on my body. I read a bunch of reviews where people stated they loved using it on their face, which I haven't tried yet but I feel like I'm always on the hunt for the perfect facial moisturizer. Could this product really solve all my dry skin issues? I'm thinking yes!
And because my rings look so darn pretty, here's a photo of them! The moon is from Forever 21 and the other is from Firefly Collections. I never used to be huge into rings but these two quickly became part of my daily jewelry. I'm almost always wearing them - although this is my third moon ring, I've already broken two. Guess I should probably just stock up on them.
Hope you're having an excellent weekend!

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6 thoughts

  1. Gorgeous nails, love the colors!!
    Those rings also have my heart. c:


  2. These are beautiful! Love the shape and rhe dots... super cute.

  3. I use Ellovi on my face! I use it at night since it stays fairly oily even if you rub it in, but it has made my skin much softer. And it smells great!

  4. Pretty nails! You inspire me to paint my nails! Of course mine are only one color and nothing fancy, but I still love having them painted!

  5. Love that nail color!



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