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project 365 // days 98-104

Monday, April 14, 2014

98 : 365 Yesss!
 99 : 365 Found oodles of beach glass and took my very first train ride!
 100 : 365 Someone else was super interested in my finds from the previous day.
 101 : 365 Temporary vanity set up. My bedroom is fiiiiinally coming together.
 102 : 365 Literal best estate sale luck! I've been looking out for an invisible man that was already put together for a little while now so this was quite an exciting find!
 103 : 365 Hung out with my two best dudes, found an insane amount of beach glass, and took the literal best bike ride of my life through Cleveland at night. In short, it was basically the best Saturday ever!
104 : 365 Sunday hike with my parents!
It's been suuuch a great week. It's blowing my mind how much I'm loving Cleveland. This city and I were meant to be.

Hope you have an excellent Monday.

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10 thoughts

  1. I have the same visible man model, I brought it to a Chuck Palahniuk book signing and he autographed it and drew an arrow to the penis. haha

  2. Wowza, you'd never been on a train before? Looks like an awesome few days though!

  3. Love how the vanity looks. And I'm so jealous of you being so close to such beautiful woods.


  4. what is that darling-looking striped dress you're wearing in the vanity picture? :)

    1. It's a crop top from JC Penney and a maxi skirt from Target. :)

  5. I'm really glad to hear that you've settled into city life well. :)
    Klaus is ever so handsome! I bet he's great on adventures.
    I recently bought a striped dress for the first time. I can now understand the powerful allure of the stripe. ===

    1. Riiiight!? Watch out, now everything you'll want to buy will be striped.

  6. I adore your room and all your fabulous finds. And I'm a bit envious, we don't have anything like estate sales over here:/

  7. I'm so glad you love Cleveland so much and your vanity set up is cute!

    xo Ashley


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