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project 365 // days 86-97

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

86 : 365 Laid out a portion of my photobooth strip collection. I really didn't realize I had so many.
 87 : 365 I bought a cropped top and matching striped maxi skirt (from two different places) and when I put them on I realized my jackalope peeks out. I am obsessed. I cannot wait til it warms up and I can wear this outside.
 88 : 365 Patches from my favorite penpal.
89 : 365 The best possible thing to hang in my bathroom!
 90 : 365 Making pals at the beach.
91 : 365 Things on my bulletin board.
 92 : 365 A silly new thrifted brooch.
 93 : 365 Exploring with Jesi. I have SO many photos to share from this adventure soon.
94 : 365 Finally found a vanity for my bedroom. So happy to be able to display my jackalope jewelry holder again, as well as my favorite perfume and this cute turtle shell.
95 : 365 I'm really falling for this city.
96 : 365 Always peeking...
97 : 365 Favorite ring from Extollo Jewelry.

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13 thoughts

  1. Obsessed with photo booths! I don't think it's even possible to take a bad photo in one - just got two strips of my own this weekend :)

  2. That perfume bottle is so pretty, I love the notes in it too, so I might have to check it out.

  3. Oh my, the first pictures took my breath away!

  4. The Jackalope looks like a suspicious neighbor looking out the blinds, haha! I love it! I'm super-digging that ring too!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  5. I recently visited San Francisco with my boyfriend, and we walked past a photobooth on the pier and it reminded me of your photobooth photos so we went in :)
    Love how your jackalope peeks out too!
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  6. Where are the lovely hexagon patches on your bulletin board from?

  7. Love these shots. Can't wait to see your exploring pictures with your friend!

    xo Ashley

  8. Your photo booth strips look so great all laid out together. :) One of the best collections ever! xoxo

  9. I love 365 projects. I try almost every year and never manage, I'm jealous, haha. Cute photos.

    Molly x

  10. Love this post! So many home things and inspiration. And the jackalope peeking out looks so cool!

  11. Those are the bluest kitty eyes I've ever seen <3

  12. LOVE that party line brooch! Reminds me of that Kinks song :P


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