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Monday, April 28, 2014

I remember the first Polaroid camera I ever owned. I was probably four or five sitting in my brother's bedroom watching him clean out his closet when he handed me his Polaroid camera. He said I could have it, puzzled I asked if it still worked. He replied that it did but film was too expensive for him so I could just play with it instead. I don't think I ever convinced my mom to buy me film for it but I still remember him giving me that camera very vividly.

The next one I owned I bought maybe a year before film went out of production. I remember thinking to myself when I heard they were going to quit making the film that it probably wasn't true and that I would always be able get to my hands on some. Ooops. That was a mistake.

I've known about the Impossible Project since around the time they started but always avoided buying film based on the steep price and mixed reviews. Back in January when Mickey and I went to Savannah, Georgia she brought along her Polaroid along with some Impossible Project film. I shot of few pictures of her with it and was immediately in love with the results. As soon as we got back to Ohio I bought some of my own. It's been in my fridge ever since, I've just been waiting for the perfect occasion to use it. Easter was finally that occasion.
"Get together, I want to take a picture of you two!" "Can I hold my drill?"

The tones are certainly a little strange but I just adore these photos. I'm SO happy with how the images turned out. The last photo, of my parents, is probably my favorite photo of them I've ever taken. 

It's definitely not film I can justify shooting on a regular basis but for special occasions - yes please!! I'll definitely be picking up another pack, or five!

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12 thoughts

  1. Holy cow, that last photo/caption made me laugh so hard!

  2. I have Impossible film but my results have been hit or miss with the SX-70 for my Presto camera. I recently acquired another Polaroid camera and I got some of the Cyanograph 600 film that I'm saving for a really special occasion and after that, I've got some B&W 600 film to experiment with.
    It's funny to think that I used to go through Polaroids like crazy when I was in college but now, I save it for special occasions! (In the mean time, I'm going instant photo crazy with my Instax Mini!)

  3. Nice! I have a Polaroid with Impossible film too, but the film was more than the camera! haha I got the camera at the flee market for $2!

  4. I love the look of polaroid pictures! I love the fact that you can't delete them and you get to see them right away!
    Pretty Lovely

  5. I really love the colours in these, they look like they could of been taken 30 or so years ago. You've made me want to give it a go now!

  6. Though I love the look of old pictures, it never occurred to me that I could still reproduce such a look today. Your pictures are amazing, they seriously look like something out of an old photo album.

  7. The picture of your parents (and drill) is so sweet!!

  8. Your dad seems like a man with such a great personality! I love when you post the funny things he says or does in photos (like with the penis mushroom!)

  9. "Can I hold my drill?" Your pop's quote made me giggle hard! Too cute!

  10. Oh gosh, these are magical. There is just something about film that makes my heart flutter, I can't quite explain it!

  11. I've been hearing about the impossible project a lot lately, and I've got a sudden interest in Polaroid cameras so I'll definitely have to check that out! I love how your dad wanted to hold his drill in the picture, that's hilarious!


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