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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I fiiiinally finished off a roll I had sitting in my TIM since the beginning of the year. I'm not as happy with the photos as I had hoped but they're definiately still worth sharing. I've had this darn camera for at least three years and still haven't mastered it. It's still fun to experiment with though.
TIM shoots half frame photos. By closing one eye, taking a photo, closing up that eye, opening the other and shooting again before advancing the film you'll get two pictures on one print. It takes regular 35mm film so there is no fussing with sending it out to get it developed if you don't want to. It's fairly simple to use! By leaving both eyes open at the same time and taking a shot you get two of the thing on the print except they're from slightly different angles - which gives you a 3D image. (You can learn how to view it using photojojo's tutorial)

This roll had photos from our trip to Savannah, Pittsburgh and a few from Louisville. 
Like I said, nothing that really blows my mind on this roll. I think I might have been trying too hard. I took these photos with perfect visions of how they'd turn out and it never works that way with film, and especially with a cheap plastic camera. I've already started another roll that I'm just shooting random pictures with, without expectations of what they might look like. Hopefully they turn out more fun than these.

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17 thoughts

  1. I really like the strongman cut out picture! I feel like this camera would definitely benefit from a flash, they sell a super cute one. Might be worth trying out before you shelf tim!

    1. I own the flash. I'm just not a fan of flash at all though. I try to get away with not using it whenever I can.

  2. I love these photos! I think they're quite interesting to look at. :)

  3. I know how it goes when you have a vision and it doesn't turn out quite right...but these are great! :) I can't wait to see your next roll!

  4. Even when they are not the best for you, they are quite interesting and they look like you had a lot of fun in your trip!

  5. I love this idea for a camera. I might have to look into one..

    Pretty Lovely

  6. I really love developing old film and seeing what I've ended up with. I really like how they have turned out *mines are usually a lot of fingers in the frame haha) and think its cool how you get the two pictures on the one print x

  7. These photos are great, some really interesting stuff here :)

  8. Oh, even if they're not what you had in mind I think these are all so cool looking! There's so much...idk what the word I'm looking for is...personality, atmosphere, je ne sais quois...anyways. I think these would be great in sort of a creepy kids story book.

  9. I think the nice thing with film is the possibility of awesome-ness. Sometimes when I think I've had a dud roll I'll look back over the photos in a year or so and really like them, especially if they hold nice memories as well :) I really love his little face - go Tim!

  10. What an interesting camera and the photos turned out well in my opinion. I like how it's always unpredictable with toy cameras. I went to the zoo once and I had the perfect scenery to capture, I even made sure that I had a good composition. When I received the prints I was disappointed to find out that half of the picture was overexposed :(

  11. Very interesting camera concept.
    Lovely shots! Don't beat yourself up, we all criticize our own work.
    I think they look great. c:


  12. Well I've never seen one of those cameras before so this was pretty interesting! What an unusual idea. :)

  13. Though the tones are a bit dark (I guess because of the film too), this camera is sooo lovely <3

  14. That's what I love/hate about film. But, they are still interesting too I feel like you have to plan out your shots, but allow for total spontaneity as well.

  15. I always love the photography posts!
    I love this camera, I've never heard about it before.
    I need this!



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