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Strange souvenirs

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I don't think I've ever come home with so many random things after a trip in my life. I feel like I made out like a bandit. I'm really excited about my souvenirs. I came home from Nashville with...

A giant model of an eyeball! It's too large to fit in my built in cabinets so it's hanging out in my living room. It still takes me by surprise every time I walk out of the kitchen and see it out of the corner of my eye. It's in excellent shape and worth so much more than I paid for it. I'm super stoked to add it to my collection of medical models.
A poster on the development of the human dentition, partials, a dental tray, a see-through tooth model, and horse. The tooth related items were bought from one of the taxidermy class students. I've been on the hunt for awesome things for my walls since they're still pretty bare so my ears perked up when he mentioned that he had recently purchased some dental items from an estate sale. The horse is a gift from Jerry of Jerry's Junk. He had a huge box of them and gave Mickey and I each one to take. At first I was like "Great! What am I going to do with this?!" But it's grown on me, I actually rather like it on my shelf.
A Louisville, KY pennant, and a spiffy new calendar. I think collecting pennants from places I visit might be my new thing, it'd be such a neat little collection! The calendar was bought from Pulp, which is the cutest little paper goods shop. It's located in Nashville, a total must visit if you're in the area.
My absolute favorite of the trip, and probably the best thing I've bought in a LONG time is this anatomical man. He's missing his removable pieces but is such a solid, well built piece I had to have him. It was one of the first things I spotted at Jerry's Junk. I definitely didn't think I'd leave with it. I ultimately decided it was worth the splurge for a multitude of reasons after asking Jerry how much he'd want for it.

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18 thoughts

  1. aren't you afraid when you're walking around alone at night?!!? i would be so startled if i had that muscle man lurking around. haha pretty cool though!

    1. haha! nope, i'm pretty used to everything here.

  2. ooh, you found such cool things! xx

  3. You would be an awesome science teacher :D

  4. Does your horse's head have a hole on the bottom to put a stick in? That's what it looks like to me - a child's hobby horse.

  5. nice collection. those medical stuff can really decorative. i remember once i saw in some second hand store, a medical rooster, it was awesome, but too expensive for second hand. you need rooster, there :))

  6. That anatomical eye is identical to one we had in my high school anatomy class. I'm from nashville, so how trippy would it be if it was the same one! Hope you liked your visit!

  7. I love checking out all of your cabinets and collections! You have such varied and interesting taste and your posts always brighten my day. :)

  8. your apartment is amazing and your collections are so individual! love your blog x

  9. These finds are amazing! You have a great eye for new pieces (get it? Great eye?) in any case, I realize that the link I am about to give you doesn't pertain to this post, but I was afraid if I waited it would be lost forever. I know that you collect beach glass, and I though this photo transfer from Free People would be right up your alley for a weekend project.

  10. I would love to have your apartment. The medical stuff has always fascinated me also.

  11. Awesome finds Kaylah! I really like the horse too, but the eye is so cool :)
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  12. Why aren't you a dentist? lol. I think you would be the only dentist I wouldn't be terrified of!



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