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project 365 // days 77-85

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

77 : 365 A fabulous new medical model.
 78 : 365 Beach glass! I'm still so excited that I live less than ten minutes away from my favorite beach.
 79 : 365 Explorin'
 80 : 365 Finally bought some new shadow boxes for my bugs.
 81 : 365 Went shopping for a few essentials and ended up coming home with a bag of striped things.
 82 : 365 Pittsburgh!
 83 : 365  The most delicious macarons from Gaby et Jules.
 84 : 365 Lily and Eve sent over one of their sub boxes. It's pretty great. I'm loving the mint nail polish, it's a brand I've never heard of before - and it rocks!
 85 : 365 The cutest meezer.

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17 thoughts

  1. That abandoned building looks so cool! Old Factory?

  2. What beach is your favourite and where is it?
    We keep finding rotten beaches - nothing worth going to.
    Thanks so much!!

  3. Cool things. I would love to collect beach glass...haven't gone to the beach for two years!

  4. girl, I am enjoying the pictures of your new place and you exploring the new city so much! I am truly happy for you!

  5. Ohhhh, you were in da 'Burgh again, eh? You should visit that bridge during a ballgame! Last season was nuts-- people brought grills and just had cookouts on the bridge. And one dude jumped off it, in celebration (he was fine, haha).

    LOVE the medical model! Fetuses!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  6. Hey! Miss your outfits posts ;)

  7. So jealous of your proximity to a beach, especially one so rife with beach glass!

    Dunno if you're still into overalls, but I saw some teeth- and overall-related things while window shopping, thought you might enjoy (:

  8. The lighting in the last pic is gorgeous, great shot!

  9. normally i am not commeting any blogs or anything :D
    but when i saw these shoes i had to think about you and your blog :D hahaha and i dont know why, but i felt like i needed to show you them


  10. Oh my. Great photography. I'm in love with the building in day 77 and the macaroons!
    You are inspiring me to try and pick up the 365 challenge .


  11. Those macarons looks so amazing! I hope they tasted yummy!

  12. I love that explorin' picture! It seems like such a cool place!

  13. That old building looks so cool! It would be a great place to shoot colorful outfit photos.

    And I'm surprised there is still a brand of nail polish you haven't heard of!

  14. I would probably die if I found such a cool place to explore!
    And I have a small little collection of sea glass myself. A whole baggie full from a summer trip to Newfoundland. It's such a cool thing to collect.

  15. your blog is my favourite! really inspiring x


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