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project 365 // days 68 -76

Monday, March 17, 2014

68 : 365 Oh...
 69 : 365 Sunday hikes with my folks, and Crum.
 70 : 365 There have been a few days it's actually been nice enough for my spring coat! Wahoo!
 71 : 365 Sleeping beauty!
 72 : 365 Favorite new piece in my collection.
 73: 365 I bought the most wonderful globe mirrors.
 74 : 365 More great new things for my collection.
 75 : 365 A morning spent ironing patches.
 76 : 365 The literal coolest book!

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17 thoughts

  1. Omg is that last pic one of the books I sent?! Im tickled that you love it! Im glad I knew the exact right person who would enjoy it!

    1. Yes! Thank you SO much! I'm obsessed with the books. They're amazing.

  2. That book IS the coolest... I once had a set of vintage cards that had full-body illustrations like that with flaps and cutouts that revealed different body parts/organs/muscles, etc. I wish I still had them :(

  3. Haha, that first picture. I've definitely caught my cats doing that as well.

  4. A GIF :D Love this set. I must try harder with my 365..! Most days it's just 'work, again' x

  5. I have one of those books that is all about the organ systems in the body. I think its from around the 50s.

  6. The skull is both creepy and amazing.

  7. I see a little sneak peak of the new hair colour and I love it!

  8. GIFS and Crum <3 Aaaaand coolest book :3

  9. Oh, those patches are on point!

  10. Your new finds are fantastic and indeed great for your collection!

  11. I love the gif you made of that book! And that pic of your cat is so funny!

    Charlie x

  12. I love your cats face in the first picture, it's like "what are you looking at?" :)
    Skull is amazing, creepy and very cool at the same time.

  13. I love those mirrors. Crumb is so beautiful. Our dogs are all small, so I always love meeting bigger dogs. They are the best to hug :)

  14. Love those patches I need to get some really soon! Oh and that first picture with your cat is so funny! hahaha

  15. These pictures make me think you are a student of medicine, am I right or you just like the-body-stuff?


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