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project 365 // days 11-17

Saturday, January 18, 2014

11 : 365 Sorted through all my photos and lackadaisically organized them. I uncovered a bunch of cute ones I had forgotten about.
12 : 365 Just this handsome dog, again. If you didn't already suspect it, I'm sure there will be tons of pet photos in my 365 project.
13 : 365 It's a fact, root beer tastes best out of a glass bottle.
14 : 365 Took outfit photos in a cozy sweater, snazzy new pants and my Doc Martens but not enough turned out for me to post more than this one.
15 : 365 Cult Cosmetics sent over a few polishes for me to try out. I'm impressed! I can't wait to show you what I did with these polishes and more of what I thought soon.
16 : 365 A new patch for my coat because there is always room for one more.
17 : 365 The view from where I took outfit photos.
Another week down in my 365 project. I know we're only two and a half weeks in but I feel like I'm already seeing changes. I'm taking more photos than normal, which is awesome. I might have been stuck in a little bit of a only-shoot-digital-if-it's-for-a-blog-post rut which is a bummer. I keep my photos organized by month on my computer and the last few months of 2013 had barely any photos. This month's folder is already five times more impressive than the previous ones.

Well, I have to run. I've got a movie date with four of my favorite people (read : my nieces, nephew and mom) to see Nut Job, I can't wait! Happy Saturday.

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22 thoughts

  1. Your dog is awesome and I love the coat patch!! :)


  2. Who takes your outfit photos? Or do you use a tripod?
    Great green nails in the first pic!

  3. The dog is such a cutie! and I love how day 13 and 14 have matching colours :)

  4. Love your photos! Espially your cats :)

  5. Great project and cool pics.

    I take a lot of pics and luv that.

    The patch is fun; I hv tons of patches and cannot resist a cute one when I see one.

  6. I soooo want to do the 365 photos. I just don't think I could. How do you remember? I really want to better my photo taking skills and get out of the just-for-a-post runt.

  7. I like the coat patch, that's something I need to remember myself more often!
    You seem to live in a really beautiful area.

  8. Loving them Kaylah :) I'm finding changes in my habits too, remembering to take my camera places way more than before

  9. I love the kitty in a box! It always makes me smile to see pictures of the adorable animals you have in your life ^_^

  10. your dogs are the cutest. and root beer really does taste SO much better out of a bottle.

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  11. I love patches and buttons, but they are hard to find sometimes! I LOVE Barq's Root Beer (my absolute favorite). I can't stand A&W...yuck!
    You should do a post on your favorite root beers.

    1. That's a super fun idea, maybe I'll do that! Thanks! :)

  12. You are such an inspiration; your posts always give the warmest feeling. :)

  13. I love your photos! Especially the kitty picture! I'd love to get a film camera one day. There's so something so unique about film photos that you just can't get from a digital camera!

  14. Great patch! What a view in that last photo! So beautiful! I wouldn't mind sitting out there for a few hours staring at that view (even in the freezing cold!)

  15. The dog is in fact very handsome and cute <3

  16. I love this! I really wanted to do a 365 photo project this year, but I neglected the idea on ......January 1st. :)

  17. I'm doing this too! I'm so glad to see all your photos and the different styles. :)

  18. Virgil's Root Beer. Drink up. Cheers!

    - Mina


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