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photo an hour : january 8th, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

8am // watching birds outside with this guy and having my morning mug of chocolate milk.
9am // Snow beard! Klaus is obsessed with eating snow, especially from near a tree where there are a whole bunch of squirrel tracks. He's not much for following scents or anything but I guess those squirrel foot prints make the snow taste better. Hah!
10am // Getting some work done before my mom arrived.
11am // My mom arrived and had me cut her hair.
12pm // Baking treats for Klaus and Crum.
1pm // No one loves nuzzling chins as much as Professor Stingray.
2pm // We headed over to the beach to see what it was looking like after those few days where the temperatures were in the negatives. We both bundled up so much it was hard to bend but it was surprisingly warm. By warm I mean that I didn't feel like my eyeballs were literally going to freeze like I did the last time I was there. It was still very cold.
3pm // Back at home peeling apart all the land camera shots I took.
4pm // A surprise from Incoco in my mailbox! Valentines Day 2014 nail wraps.
5pm // Discovered that my friendship plant (Pilea involucrata) was flowering!
The rest of evening was spent playing Zelda but I'm sure you don't need to see five pictures in a row of me snuggled up to my cats on my couch with my eyes glued to the Wii U game pad. It's not that pretty.

I didn't make photo an hour once a month for the year a goal for 2014. I'm not all that sure I want to do another full year of them. But it's almost like I feel guilty not keeping them up. I don't want to only do them out of pressure though. It's hard to explain and it's certainly silly to feel all stressed about a weird little project. Maybe there will be a February photo an hour, maybe there won't be. We'll see!

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18 thoughts

  1. I love drinking (soy) chocolate milk in the morning too, but I literally hate that layer of film that it does when gets cooler. Arrghh! :D

  2. I always enjoy reading these posts, but I can see how you would feel pressured to keep up with it. Maybe you could do it every season or something instead?

  3. I love you photo-an-hour posts so much! You make even a laid-back day around the house seem beautiful! <3

  4. Your photo-an-hour posts are always a joy to read ^_^ Don't feel pressured to keep them up if you don't want to though, just post what you love!

  5. hello Kaylah, I understand very well and it is not silly to feel stressed about things like that. I appreciate your honesty: rather than publish a post where you took the photo and strength you prefer to do it when you feel like it.
    is right.
    sorry for my english.
    a hug from Italy

  6. It's pretty important to try to get out home as much as possible during Winter. Everytime is a bit sunny I get the dog and we go for a walk on the beach but we don't have snow. I hope you go on with the photo an hour, it's fun to see what bloggers do :)
    BTW did you get my postcards? Hope they arrived safe! Much love xxx

  7. I love these photo an hour projects! I have to try one for myself one day. The photo of Klaus's snow beard is my favorite!

  8. Lovely photos!! That kitty is so precious and those beach photos are beautiful...i miss snow!! Want some but in the city, not so charming! ;)

  9. I actually really enjoy these photo posts. I'm not sure why, but they give off a nice 'real life' vibe... (I don't think that makes sense). I did totally borrow this idea from you and try it out. I managed one last year, it's actually a lot harder than I thought so I applaud you for doing one a month. I just wanted to stop by and say I really enjoy them and whether I see them never again, or in 6 months time, I have enjoyed them regardless.

  10. I love reading your photo an hour posts! But I can understand how it might get stressful to keep up with it. I'm not sure I could do it, I'm so absent minded. Haha.

  11. It's been around 30-45 degrees here in Anchorage... it's so unusual! Snow is melting and the sidewalks are super icy! It's crazy to hear about what the lower states are going through. It's like everything flipped itself around. Anyway, I really enjoy seeing these photo an hour pictures! Even if you don't do them every month, they are a treat to see what your daily life is like (even in snippets)! I also think it's cool that you cut your mom's hair. I remember when my ex-boyfriend wanted me to cut his hair, and I did a terrible job at it and I felt so bad. (But we laughed about it later...)

    1. Hahah! I suck at cutting boys hair, but I do a decent job with longer ladies hair. My dad used to pay me to cut his hair when I was little, I always did a wreck of a job but he was always proud and wore it for a few days before getting it fixed even though the guys at work made fun of him.

  12. Beautiful cat and cute pup!
    Looks like such a sir with that beard. Hehe.


  13. I felt the same way when I did the "photo a day" challenge. it's silly how feeling pressure to make something look pretty or interesting every day can make a fun project a lot less fun!
    I like your photo an hour posts, I hope you keep enjoying them. :)

  14. I really really love A PHOTO AN HOUR!! Yours and elycia's are my favourites on internet!! =)

  15. I love these posts a lot! :) x

  16. Since you love doing hair (a LOT obviously, if it weren't for your amazing hair combinations) and already have your license to drive, you should consider going to school for cosmetology. Not a lot of hair dressers out there are color trained and it would definitely put an edge on the competition for you. I'm even considering going to beauty school after I finish my BA in Retail Management & in Fashion Design.

  17. I think I feel similarly about the photo-a-day! I didn't actually intend to do one, but then one day I realized I had done it for one month, then a year, then 2, then 3! Then it kinda died off. I felt kinda sad when I stopped doing it daily (I still try, but not with as much guilt if I am close to missing a day), but I never really planned for it to go on for long in the first place. That and some days were 1 a day and other days became like 40 a day. That's a lot of photos on top of whatever other cameras I want to use. My photo priorities have changed, but I did find it to be a good exercise, partially because I limited myself to a single camera and the limitations that came with it (it was a pretty basic cell phone camera compared to some of the crazy ones now.) That can really help develop some of your skills in new ways that changing out a lens, being able to manually adjust the focus, aperture, film speed, etc. can't really do.


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